Great, Now I Have Guilt!

Last week, while walking in the yard, I noticed a head peeking out of the birdhouse we have mounted in our garden. It was a chickadee! I have never had a chickadee nest nearby, at least that I am aware of. This was very exciting. They are cute, chatty and well…cute. A few days later, when I was sitting on the deck knitting, I heard the bluebirds. I love everything about bluebirds. They have a cheerful song and the prettiest blue feathers. As I sat there, I heard a commotion. I picked up the binoculars (because everyone knows you need binoculars when you knit outside) and saw a bluebird sitting on the perch of the birdhouse with the chickadee hopping on the roof all pissy. Now what? Is it possible for them to share the space? Maybe it can be like a time-share? What if they think this is a bad neighborhood altogether, and vacate? Will this affect my taxes? How will I ever live with myself?

Yesterday Razz had a birthday! He is 11yrs old. It is tradition to take him to Holy Cow Ice Cream. We pop open the back hatch of the Subaru and tailgate in the parking lot. Razz gets a kiddie cup of soft vanilla. The first time we did this, I made the error of ordering a cone. He took that down in one gulp. He also got brain freeze and pressed his head against my leg. Even though there was no tailgating this year, he still had his bowl of Holy Cow vanilla ice cream and all was right with the world. Well, at least in his world.

Do you ever wonder if the stay at home order is getting to people? Wonder no more. This was a headline in my news feed: “Naked man punching cars, fighting officers, taken down by K-9”.

In knitting news, I have a new pair of socks. The pattern is the Slip it Simple Sock by Christine Long Derks. I love the pattern, I love the yarn, but can I be honest? I am not crazy about the the two of them together; I just don’t know if they flatter each other. I will wear them proudly, none the less. Do you swatch for socks? I don’t because I know my preferred needle size and stitch counts. So now, my trio of NFL socks are complete. I fully expect that none of my teams make it to the playoffs. I am the kiss of death.

Lolodidit Everyday Sock-Keep Pounding

Another project in the works is the Granny Stripes Blanket by Attic24.

I love working on this!! It is fun and I am using up odd balls of yarn from previous projects as well as mini samples of new-to-me yarn. Deciding on what yarn to use next is like poking around inside a box of chocolate. This is the perfect project to work on while waiting for the charcoal to heat up, or the pasta to boil.

Speaking of pasta. I had the pleasure to meet Bill, Maker of Masks. He arrived at our door with his little nephew, who was carrying a bouquet of ramps. I added olive oil and cream and tossed it over thin spaghetti. Be still my Tarantella beating heart!

I bet you are wondering how Razz and I are doing on our walk. We have gone another 70 miles, and find ourselves on Million Dollar Highway in Bangor, PA. It appears there are some wineries in Bangor but what appeals to us most is Bear Swamp and Lake Minge, a tree-filled swamp with a wooden boardwalk to a nature center with a pond for wildlife observation. Right up our alley. I’ll grab my binoculars.

Did you know that soup doesn’t really qualify as “dinner”? I did not know that until 2 weeks ago. Even if you add cornbread and a salad, it falls short of dinner material. This is apparently a known fact that has eluded me for 50 years. That leaves me at a loss as to what to serve for dinner this evening.

If you are not this tall, you may not ride the roller coaster!

I hope you are well and in good spirits. I love reading all about your gardens and knitting, pets and baked goods, as well as hearing of your frustrations and fears as we all bumble around trying to settle into some type of normal. On that note, I will leave you in peace.

Happy Days,


I am not drinking anything. Shocking, I know.

I am not listening to anything. Shocking, I know.

But there is a Saint for today!

St. Catherine of Siena. St Catherine was born during the outbreak of the plague in Siena, Italy on March 25, 1347. She was her mother’s 25th child. You heard me right. 25th! She is the patroness against fire, illness and of nurses. She is a Doctor (and rock star) of the Church

“Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring.”
― St. Catherine of Siena

Keep enduring people!! We got this!

Does this Mask Make My Butt Look Big?

Resurrexit Sicut Dixit! He has risen, Alleluia Alleluia!

Well this certainly has been a Holy Week we’ll be talking about for some time, yes? In meditating on the Passion of Christ, my husband and I couldn’t help but notice parallels to the lessons we learn from our faith and the current circumstances we find ourselves living in presently. Even though I find meditation elusive at times, when I do ‘connect’, the experience is different than anything I have experienced before. I often see a flow of faces when I pray, but for the past week or so, I have seen colors. It was a bit odd, to be honest, but I have come to embrace these experiences. Have any of you had this happen while in prayer? A blessed and peaceful Easter season to all of you! Whether you celebrate or not; it is a gesture I offer that has profound meaning to me and I send my love and prayers to you and your families-it comes from my heart of hearts.

A few months back, I knit a Flax for Bill, a client of my son. He makes a striking model.

A smiling Bill in his Flax-Isn’t he handsome?

This past week, Bill made masks for us. This is me, modeling mine. Less striking, more dorky.

Pay attention to those mushrooms on the stove behind me…

Believe it or not, I have never met Bill. When this crisis is over, there is a giant hug waiting for that man!! (consider this your only warning, Bill!)

See those mushrooms behind me? I subscribe to a wonderful product called The F2T Box. It is a weekly grocery subscription that curates items from farms local to me. I request vegetables and produce, but i don’t know what the box contains until it arrives. When I opened this week’s box, it contained some really lush produce. In this photo, I am marinating some portobello mushrooms with scallions, ginger, olive oil, sesame oil and balsamic vinegar. I grilled them over a low heat; they were juicy and meaty. In fact, the stems were so hearty, I put them in soup. I made the soup from fresh dandelion greens and carrots also included in the box. The other items were butternut squash, baby swiss chard, and arugula; all of which went into my Easter dinner. If you have the opportunity to subscribe to a service like this, please give it a try. It is a surprise when you open the box, but I have yet to be disappointed.

Can we talk about eggs again? Please? It won’t take but a moment. As you use eggs, and the carton begins to empty, do you rearrange the remaining eggs before you return them to the fridge? I do, and unbeknownst to me, my dearly beloved does as well. Would it surprise you that we disagree on how they should be organized? This may seem like a really odd discussion, but I must know your thoughts on this.

Knitting has been interesting for me. While I have been doing a lot of it, I am doing it very slowly. I am also keenly aware of my limitations; my brain only wants to knit on autopilot. I am not the only one. Many of my knitting friends are talking about the comfort found in miles and miles of stockinette. In fact, I know at least 4 people, myself included, who cast on a Sockhead Slouch Hat by Kelly McClure.

This was such a soothing project for me. I chose a skein of Anzula Cricket from stash, in the color Kale. This shade of green was very unique, ranging from a dark hunter green to a lighter sage. I will definitely work with this yarn again. The hat is thick and squishy with amazing stitch definition; I thoroughly enjoyed knitting all 4″ of the pattern’s 2×2 rib!! This hat is going to get a lot of wear.

I completed another square in the MKAL hosted by Ceci over at Oh La Lana! Knitting Blog. I have mentioned before, but it does bear repeating: my brain is struggling with lace. These squares are not complex patterns, mind you, but it does require thought, and chart/pattern reading and all that jazz. But I am getting them done, people…I am getting them done! I screwed this square up, but ask me if I care. Go ahead, ask! This project is an exercise in determination and “le ostinazione”!

Wanna see my socks? I’ll admit, they aren’t much to look at, but I am ready to start the heel flap. The yarn is Lolo Did It in her Keep Pounding colorway. My friend and fellow blogger over at Nothing But Knit is a sock knitting Goddess! She finds the best patterns. This one is the Slip it Simple by Christine Long Derks. Isn’t it interesting how this yarn/pattern combination is creating a plaid vibe? Hers look completely different, but that is what we love about knitting! You should check them out. The photo top right is my ‘project bag’. I found this little bit of awesome on line for about $5. My only complaint is that it did not come with a copy of Pokemon Yellow!

A little more info on these socks. I want to explain a knitting cheat I often use for socks. The pattern I am using is a two row repeat. I am often one who knits round and round, forgetting which row I am on. Using the most excellent bulb-shaped markers, I chain together equal markers as rows in the pattern repeat. (4 row repeat=4 bulb markers, 2 row repeat=2 markers, etc.) The photo on the left reflects row one, and the photo on the right reflects row two. If I lose my place, I just have to look at how many markers are *on the needle* to determine the row. As I move through the rows, I add or drop a maker. PS. You can get a bazillion of these markers on Amazon for what you pay for a double mocha-choca-lata ya-ya at Starbucks.

Next up: What is she going on about now?

My husband says I lie. Yes, the egg-manipulating, drive-up eating, pretzel-hogging, best-hug-giving husband thinks I lie. And to some extent he is right. When asked how I am, I typically lie. When asked if I need help, I typically lie. When asked what is on my mind, I typically lie. And, when writing about this kinda stuff, like I am right now, I typically lie. So here it is in a nutshell.

I am sad. I am worried. I am angry. I am grateful. I am confused. I am distracted. I am blessed. I am forgetful.

I am sad because the names of people who have died from this virus are becoming more and more familiar to me. I am worried because there are so many people known and unknown to me who are crying out for prayers and I don’t feel like I can help them. I am angry because in my community, as in many, there are people who just can’t seem to understand that THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT THEM! Stay at home means STAY AT HOME {{add expletive of choice}}. I am grateful because my immediate family, by the grace of God, is healthy. I am confused by the information spewed out by “those in the know”. I am distracted and forgetful because of all the spazzatura bumbling around in my head. I have days where I ignore social media, email or other sources of influence because my tiny head is just too full. I know I am not alone in these feelings. You know what else I know? My husband is right. I am a liar. Forgive me?

I think I am typed out. I will end this post with the usual:

Saint of the Day: St. Lydwine. Patroness of of sickness, chronically ill, ice skaters. Do you find it odd that on the days that I write, the Saint du jour happens to be a patron of the ill? I long stopped believing in coincidence. It seems to me that God is always peeking over my shoulder, gently reminding me that He is present with me through the nuances of my day. PS. I don’t think St. Lydwine was the patroness of chronically ill ice skaters, so mind that comma.

In my cup: An afternoon cuppa coffee. Check out this mug though!

In my ears: A confounded fly because Razz left the door open. Just kidding. It was me. I left the door open.

To all my friends, I pray for you and your families every day, and I feel your prayers for us as well. Thank you for being a constant source of humor, creativity, honesty and humanity. Thank you for STAYING HOME. We’ll get through this.

“One day at a time, Sweet Jesus!” – John Killian

“This is why we say our prayers and drink good booze.” – also John Killian

All my love,

Regina (and this guy)

Pick Up or Delivery

How’s this for an inspiring photo? I know what you are thinking. She’s gone mad. The virus has gotten to her. While the former may be true, the latter is not; I am in very good health. Thanks be to God. So…what’s with the picture? This is the outside of my sweetie’s office. He works about 3 minutes down the road. He is an accountant and while he typically enjoys lunch at home with Razzle, he is working straight through helping his clients navigate the changes affecting their businesses.

“Ring, ring.” “Hello?” “Hi sweetheart. I’m not going to be able to get home for lunch, would you mind dropping something off?” Thankfully, this guy loves leftovers (isn’t that right, honey…). So I warm up some home cooking and head out. He was going to meet me in the parking lot, but some people insist on being in the building even though they are far from essential. Rather than have either of us come in contact with them, I tapped on his window and passed his food through. “Did you order the pasta? That’ll be 3 kisses and a virtual hug-please move to the next window!”

My son continues to take care of his Grammy, and she has no problem telling me what a good boy he is. Of course we knew that all along, but somehow, when Grammy says it…

Meanwhile on the Razzle front:

Today’s saint is quite relevant to our lives. St. Francis of Paola was a hermit who lived in Paola, Italy around 1400. Maybe we can ask God for the grace to view solitary life through the eyes of St. Francis of Paola. Of course, I am pretty sure rambunctious, housebound kids were not permitted in a monastery. Just a hunch! God bless all of you young parents.

I am not drinking anything right now, but looking at the time, and feeling my lids getting sticky, I think there is a cup of coffee in my future.

In my ears: Alex had a really good mail day! The video game he pre-ordered came a day early! Persona 5 Royal. According to, it is “the definitive version of an already brilliant RPG”

I would like to thank each and every one of you who visit me here. It is so nice to have the company. And for all you other bloggers, THANK YOU! Your words and thoughts come into my day like a good friend. I am so incredibly blessed.

Praying for peace and health in your lives,


Walking to Gettysburg

Hi friends! With all this extra time, one would think staying current on my blog would be a breeze. Oddly, I have found myself distracted and otherwise preoccupied. I don’t like it one bit.

I don’t have to tell you how much I enjoyed going on the yarn crawl. It felt good to be out and about, meeting people and visiting new towns. Now, my “out and abouts” are limited to walks with Razz and the occasional mad dash in and out of the market; we are staying home and staying in with the rest of the world. As a way to combat the current and necessary restrictions, Razz and I decided to walk to Gettysburg. Yes, Gettysburg, PA. I have always wanted to go, and let’s face it, I have the time. This is going to be fun! It’s going to be weird, but fun!

C’mon, Razz!! Let’s go for a walk!

Week One:

Our journey begins on Monday, March 16th, which is when schools in New York State closed. According to Google Maps, Gettysburg is about 260 miles away. I suppose we could walk non-stop, that would be the quickest-Razz trots at a healthy 3.5 mph clip! Nah. We’ll get there when we get there. According to my trusty Fitbit, we have already walked 25 miles.

That puts us somewhere around Wallkill, NY. We crossed the Hudson River via the Walkway Over the Hudson. The bridge now known as the Walkway Over the Hudson originally opened in 1889 as the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge to transport western raw materials to eastern industrial centers. At the time of its opening, it was the longest bridge in the world. At 212 feet above the Hudson River, this 1.28 mile linear park “boasts scenic views north to the Catskills and south to the Hudson Highlands.” (I got that from the website!)

If you are planning a visit to the area in the fall, this is a ‘gotta do’!

I mean C’MON people!

At the end of this week’s trek, we enter Our Lady of Fatima Church in Wallkill to light a candle and ask God to look over us all. Yes, Razz is welcome inside! That is the best part of this entire fantasy-dogs are always welcome!

In knitting news…I finished the Love Note by Tin Can Knits. What a sweet little sweater. Previously, I attempted to combine a beautiful green variegated with a lighter green mohair. It did not work out at all. The mohair was too bulky and completely obscured the shades in the main yarn. Remember? It looked like this:


Instead, I used this:

The final result is perfect!

I found a mohair blend yarn online that had the perfect shade and the perfect price-point. The only catch? I had to buy the lot (10 balls). When I say perfect price-point, I mean, the entire purchase cost me $15.00 US, including shipping! Get outta town! I am so pleased. I followed the pattern as written, but knit the body to 12″ from the underarm, so it is not too cropped. Hey! It’s called Love Note, not Muffin Top! I knit the neckline bind-off 3 times before I finally got the affect I liked. I followed the tutorial by VeryPink Knits for the Simple Stretchy Bind-Off. It is simple, it is stretchy and you can find it HERE. Remind me to avoid ripping out in mohair AT ALL COSTS. What a pain in the arse that was.

I have three completed squares for the Lace Blanket MKAL with the fourth block on the needles. I am not a prolific lace knitter, so this project puts me just at the edge of my comfort zone. I am really enjoying it and I enjoy the challenge.

These blocks are a finished size of 12″ x 12“.

So that’s what I have been up to since our last visit. Nothing terribly exciting, but that’s what imagination is for, right?

I am keeping all of you in my prayers each day. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Much love,


P.S. On a positive note…I can take Razz to Mass with me! Well, sorta. Since there are no public masses being offered at the moment, I can listen to daily mass on Facebook with Razz right by my side!! Fr. Brendan Fitzgerald is a special man, and very dear to us. He married Robert and me in 2015. He has since moved to St. Barnabas Church in the Bronx, but we get to hear him offer Mass live thanks to the wonders of technology!! Yesterday’s Mass celebrated the Solemnity of the Annunciation. Imagine being a young expectant mother right now. That’s hard for me to wrap my head around. They must experience moments of such fear and unknowing. We need the Blessed Mother more than ever.

Here is one of my favorite images of Mary.

The Annunciation, Henry Ossawa Tanner

The End is Near! LI Yarn Crawl Pt. 3

I had the fortune of visiting 6 out of the 10 LYS during the Long Island Yarn Crawl. The final two did not disappoint.

Shop #5 would appeal to knitters and quilters alike. Sew What’s New & Yarn Too, located in Islip, NY, has a quilting and fabric shop in the front and a small knitting shop in the back. While the knitting section is small, the selection is not! They offer a wide variety of yarn for their size. Refreshments were available, as was a squeaky clean restroom. Remember, I have been motoring for a few hours at this point! The shop has a full calendar of lessons in knitting, embroidery, quilting and a Saturday Sewing for Young People series for children ages 8 yrs and older. How cool is that? The staff were very friendly and generous with their time. I found this to be the case with each shop I entered!

There were plenty of items on sale, which came as a relief to my ever-shrinking wallet. I chose three skeins of Mirasol Sulka Legato. Webs describes the yarn as “a luxuriously soft blend of merino wool, alpaca and silk. This gorgeous fingering weight yarn has a slight sheen from the silk content, and a slight halo from the alpaca, working up into fabrics with stunning drape, lightweight warmth. Ideal for next-to-skin projects, particularly ones you keep for yourself!” What’s not to love, people! The shades Pearl and Charcoal were a calming balance to the color riot that was residing in my bag. See for yourself.

The final stop on the crawl was a familiar shop that I was introduced to in a previous crawl and loved it. The Yarn Garden is a sweet shop in the heart of Huntington, New York. Their yarn is varied and in great supply. What made this particular visit so unique was that the shop was completely empty! You heard me. No crawlers, no knitters around the back table. Just the owner behind the counter weaving in her ends. Let me back up a bit. As I pulled into town I couldn’t help but notice a lack of parking and an abundance of men in kilts. Using my keen observation skills, I deduced that Huntington was on the verge of a very festive and well attended St. Patrick’s Day parade. While I toyed with the thought of skipping town, I really hated to miss the chance to visit. Unfortunately, I had to park a few blocks away from the shop and since Razz was with me on this leg of the trip, I leashed him up and took him along. You know Razz. He would be very content to sit at the door and wait for me as long as he could see me at all times, but the owner was gracious enough to let him come in with me. She must have noticed he is a very good boy. We went in, he sat, I shopped and all was right with the world. Here is my haul…

I was looking for something in the blue family to knit up a hat or mitts and some socks to match my blue Mountain Mist Sweater. I think I found some beauts! The Wonderland Yarns is ‘new-to-me’, and with a name like “Hookah Smoke” I was instantly sucked down the rabbit hole! As for the Perth? Welp, I think you know how I feel about Perth. Shush! No one asked you!

NEWS FLASH! I just received a call from The Knitting Garden…guess who won Sunday’s Door Prize? C’mon, guess! Me!! I did!! I am the winner!! I can’t wait to see what I won!

I think that covers all the shops. There are a few miscellaneous item I have not mentioned; I’ll touch on them in a later post.

Thank you for joining me on my virtual crawl! I think I found some beautiful yarns and even more important, some very special shops.

While germs fly around the globe, please pray for all those who are suffering, pray for those who are fearful, and those who do not have a network of support or someone who calls to check on them. This is a time for us all to put differences aside and pull together. I love you all.

Peace and health to you and your loved ones.


Still Crawling- LI Yarn Crawl pt. 2

The third stop on my list was Knit, located in Roslyn, New York. Knit is a bright and roomy shop just off of Main Street. I was greeted at the door by a friendly woman who made sure to stamp my Passport, enter me into the raffle and hand me the list of daily specials. I was immediately drawn to the Cozy Color Works trunk show. Sandy, who hails from New Jersey, was on hand with her beautiful yarn. I have seen her wool at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival and figured it was high time I bought a skein. I fell in love with Nightfall on the SW Merino base. It is 550 yds of crazy color and a perfect gift for my friend Katherine. Katherine would give you the shirt of her back and the wool from her stash. She typically knits with solids, so naturally I pick something totally off the wall to remind her of ME! I really love this color. I really love Katherine.

Who can resist a sale on Perth? Apparently I can’t. This going to make my feet so freakin’ happy.

I’m doing pretty well so far, don’t you think?

Hopping in my car once again, I head south toward Oceanside, New York. This is on the south shore, where I encounter a bit more traffic and a lot less parking.

The Knitting Store is a tiny little shop tucked neatly off a small alley between the main road and the municipal parking lot. It may be a small shop, but you bet they have room for a table at which to knit!

Once inside I met Tina, mastermind behind Tina’s Toasty Toes. Tina is local to Long Island and dying is her passion; that passion comes through the moment you meet her. Just look at the smile on her face!

Even though her selection was huge, my choice was easy. I wanted a skein of sock yarn for my friend and colleague who is also named Tina. The yarn had to be in school spirit color. Check out this beauty. The shade is so deep and rich. She is going to love it. Tina has never made socks, so yes, it comes with free sock knitting lessons!!

I still have two shops to share with you. Stay tuned yarnies!!

Don’t forget to wash those paws of yours. Soap and water is more effective in the long run than hand sanitizer. Tired of the Birthday Song? Scrub to this: Africa by Weezer with a convenient 20 second chorus!

Today’s Saint, St. Constantine, was the King of Cornwall and is regarded as Scotland’s first martyr.

Beverage du jour: Daily Immunity Tea by Nuestra Salud. Tastes like dirt, so it must work, right?

Love and good health to all of you, and as always, thank you for stopping by.


I’m Crawling Here!

This weekend marked the 6th Annual Long Island Yarn Crawl and I was crawling like a gangsta on Saturday. Here are some highlights!

My first stop was The Knitted Purl in Oyster Bay, New York. Oyster Bay is a hamlet on the north shore of Long Island, New York. It is home to Sagamore Hill, the former residence and summer White House of Theodore Roosevelt; it is now a National Historic Site and museum.

The Knitted Purl sits on a quiet corner behind a white picket fence. This is a very charming shop loaded with beautiful yarns, books and notions and the staff couldn’t have been nicer!! I picked up my complementary tote bag and got busy.

I found two beautiful skeins of yarn. The first is a variegated sock yarn by Shirsty Cat Designs. Druid’s Rest is shades of muted green, blue and lavender. The yarn is 464 yds/ 100g, 75% Superwash BFL/ 25% Nylon.

Emma’s Yarn is a hand-dyed yarn company based in Florida. Emma started dying yarn at the age of 15, after experimenting with it for a math assignment. The Hella Hank tops out at 600 yards of 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon! Two of these skeins and you got yourself a sweater! I fell in love with Good Juju, a beautiful lavender.

Hopping in my car, I headed off to The Knitting Place in Port Washington, New York. This shop sits very unassumingly in a small plaza on Main Street. Don’t let this small shop fool you, though. It is stocked ceiling to floor with some of the most beautiful yarns and notions. The featured trunk show for Saturday was Asylum Fibers. Stephanie, the dyer, was on hand for a meet and greet. She makes some beautiful yarns, let me tell you!! I picked up a skein of 100% SW Merino sock weight yarn in the Rabbit Hole colorway. This will be a gift for my friend Jen who is constantly sharing her stash with me! She loves the color black and this is a nice ashy shade.

An unexpected surprise during this stop was realizing the shop owners are also video pod-casters whose channel I subscribe to. No, I did not put two and two together. The ladies were very sweet and friendly in spite of being TOTALLY busy with all the other crawlers. Please stop in and see them if you are ever in the area.

Another highlight was meeting designer Corrado Lark. What a sweet fella. He was sporting his latest design Mortaring. We enjoyed a conversation about the virtues of being nice. Unfortunately, Corrado has experienced first hand how unkind people can be when their hollow hearts are filled with self-righteous pride. Please check out his growing collection of knits. And for heaven sake…be nice!

Well, I think that is enough for the time being. I will continue with more Yarn Crawl adventures in the days to come.

As always, thank you for stopping by!!

Sending hugs out to your corner of the universe!



A Little Q & A for the Day

I was reading a fun post by my fellow blogger “Compassionknit“. She shared a fun little Q & A so I thought I would add my two cents.

Do you prefer to knit with bigger needles or smaller needles?

  • I definitely prefer a smaller needle. I find I have to do less manipulating to get a decent tension.

Do you like to have a bulky knit or crochet going with a sock at the same time to alternate weights?

  • I literally just discovered the fun of having a crochet project in the mix. Having one needle and one loop to contend with makes for easy stitching!

Do you have a pattern that can be a bookmark or a shawl?

  • I don’t think I have a pattern suitable for a bookmark, but I LOVE using ball bands. I don’t know why, though. Maybe it’s because they are always lying around and very accessible.

Do you think Leaves are the easiest object work into a project or are you a Feather and Fan wave person?

  • Can you believe I have never done a leaf pattern? I know!! That’s why I love chatting with you all; I get so many new ideas.

Do you like to read books about places you have been to visit?

  • I prefer reading about places I would like to visit. I just finished a book about the Civil War and would love to plan a trip to Gettysburg.

Do you know an author?

  • I do know an author. She writes wonderful books for Young Adults. I will link her here: Ann E. Burg We are fortunate to have many talented writers in Rhinebeck, and I am infinitely blessed to call Ann my friend.

Do you know a pattern author?

  • I know people who tinker, but as far as big-time designers, I do not.

Do you wish you could write like someone ? Who?

  • I would love to write like Mark Twain!!

Do you plan months ahead for a local person or within an hours drive, for a get together?

  • No, my get togethers tend to be planned a few days or a week in advance.

Do you like a text such as: “Hey, we are at such and such, want to join in?”

  • I love those kinds of texts, they often result in some really fun times!

Now, don’t you feel like you have seen a bit more of the deep dark recesses of my brain? Not as scary as you thought, right?

What interesting tidbits are dwelling in your brain? Answer some of the questions if you want. Who knows, we may be long lost twins!

In case you thought you could get through a post without a photo of dog-dog, you were soooo wrong!

Stay tuned for my next post where I share my adventures on the Long Island Yarn Crawl!

Until then, please keep yourselves and your families in good health.

Blessings and love,


The Way to a Man’s Heart

So, this was not my original title. It was initially going to be something along the lines of “How I please my husband while keeping my jammies on.” I think the reason for the veto is obvious.

For the first time in our 5 year marriage I made him one of his favorite breakfasts (NOT hard-boiled eggs). Blueberry pancakes. He was in heaven. He is very satisfying to cook for and very easy to please. I should mention, he sent me a link to a 43 sec YouTube tutorial on how to peel hard-boiled eggs. Now I am peeling eggs like a ninja! Bless his heart.

In the knitting world, I am busying myself with the Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart. Here I have a lunch box full of really pretty odds and ends. As you can see by the photo, I am in the infancy stage.

I am also doing a KAL with my fabulous yarny colleagues. We chose Love Note by Tin Can Knits. My intention is to use the yarn below held double with a very light green mohair, but the swatch is giving me a very bulky gauge. I am debating if I should go down a pattern size and up a needle size, or should I choose different yarn. I think the mohair is going to obscure the lace yoke. See what I mean?

The yarn on the left is dyed by a friend of mine. She has been at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival for the past few years, and I am thrilled her work is getting the recognition it deserves. Please visit her Etsy site; she has yarn and notions. Mt. Rutsen Studio Tell her Regina sent you!

My son and I have the same sense of humor. There are times when we will have conversations exclusively in movie or comedy show dialog. The latest came after mentioning Texas in a conversation.

Today in my faith: It is Ash Wednesday. Somehow my husband manages to get the BIGGEST cross on his forehead each year. I think his lack of hair allows for a bit more flair.

In my cup: Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. Their tea bags are in silky sachets. I would recommend brewing these with water just below the boiling point. The bags contain a small amount of plastic, and even though it is food grade it may still leech if heated to boiling. I prefer their loose teas for this reason.

In my ears: The Yarniacs Podcast on the Stitcher App, because what does a knitting fanatic do while knitting? Listen to people talk about knitting.

Do you listen to audio podcasts, or are you a strictly YouTube watcher? Share some of your favorites!

Have a blessed and productive Lent.

Love, Regina

Why? Just…Why?

Those were the words my husband said to me as he sat down to breakfast. I’m no stranger to the kitchen and I can crank out some pretty decent stuff, but my nemesis is the hard-boiled egg, and the eggs that morning were particularly bad. I mean, really bad. Half of the egg white came off with the shell. Are you feelin’ me? I blame the chicken.

True Confession: I have lied to students.

Them: “Wow, Mrs. M., this pencil sharpener is awesome.”

Me: “Thanks. It comes with a built in woodchuck.” Silence

Them: “Mrs. M., can you make copies of this math worksheet for me?”

Me: “Sure. Would you like it stapled with holes punched?”

Them: “It can do all that?”

Me: “Yes! The only thing it can’t do is fill in the answers for you, only the big copier does that.” Silence

Me: “Would you kids like a snow day tomorrow? (forecast says 100% chance of blizzard)

Them: “YEAH! You can do that?”

Me: “Sure! I’m in charge of snow days here!”

Them: “WOW! That’s awesome!”

…Blizzard hits Rhinebeck. Kids dreams come true. Fast forward…

Kid’s Mom: “Mrs. M., will there be school tomorrow?”

Me: “I wouldn’t know.”

Kid’s Mom: “Oh, don’t you decide on snow days? That’s what Billy said.”

Me: “My work here is done.”

I hope you all have been well. I’ve been busy. Finishing up those wips really cleared up my head, and stoked my knitting mojo. KonMari for Knitters! I never realized how much of a downer it was to have languishing projects around. Since the start of the new year, I have finished a few hats, a scarf and two pairs of socks.

Lauren Slagle, mastermind behind Lolo Did It Yarns, dyed up some team spirit colorways. I purchased her Plush Sock in three colors:

Cheesehead: Green Bay Packers

Back the Pack!

Steelers Nation: Pittsburgh Steelers

Steeler Nation!

Keep Pounding: Carolina Panthers

Just waiting to be cast on!

The yarn is yummy, and while I find the colors a bit on the subtle side, they make for great spirit wear and very comfy socks none the less.

Another project I am excited about is the Lace Blanket Mystery KAL by Cecilia from Oh La Lana! We are only on square #2, so it is not to late to join us. This project should be finished sometime in August. I am excited to be doing something a bit outside my comfort zone. I have been knitting in the round for so long that I had to reacquaint myself with a lace chart and the trusty ‘life line’. Ignoring that glaring error in the second photo, I think the final product will be a nice, lightweight but cozy throw. (don’t look! OK, you can look! No, wait!) This is knit out of Times Remembered Prime Alpaca. I purchased the yarn at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (aka, Rhinebeck). It is a beautifully haloed yarn in a heather blue color. These photos do not do it justice. The final product will be 3′ x 5′. Please check out Ceci’s blog and website. She is a talented lady and a real sweetheart!

We interrupt this post for rant from our sponsor…

We have automatic, motion-detecting lights in our staff bathroom. I may be of simple mind, but I tend to let the light do it’s thing, and that is, detect motion. Motion = on. No motion = off. While I appreciate the Eco-consious as much as the next guy, I tend to get a bit…how does one say…pissy, when I really, REALLY have to pee and I can’t find the light switch because someone thought it best to save energy by turning off the motion-detecting light. DAMMIT.

I hope you have been well. As always, I am truly grateful for anyone who takes the time to stop by, read and comment. I appreciate the blogging community very much!

Peace to you today, and in the days to come.



Today’s Saint: St. Jacinta Marto, youngest visionary of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal in 1917. Her Patronage is broad:

• against bodily ills or sickness
• captives, prisoners
• people ridiculed for their piety
• sick people

I would like us to offer up a silent prayer to the victims of sex-trafficking. May God help them and have mercy on their tormentors. (don’t mean to be a downer, but seriously.)

In my glass: Harney and Sons Tea: Paris. OMG! Buy this. It is intoxicating. No seriously. Buy it.

Made right in my neighborhood!

This tea tastes sweet like caramel and has a fruity black currant flavor. You can also taste a hint of vanilla. $!2.00 for a 7oz tin of loose tea. Can’t beat that with a stick!

In my ears: I think someone just stepped on a duck.