Long time, no see

Wow, it has been forever since my first and only post. I have been busy on my Yahoo page and inadvertently neglected this one so I will dedicate this site to knitting.

What have I been up to, you ask? Well, I am working on a pair of socks for my DH. I am using Socka in a gray/black tweed on size 1 dp needles. Much to my surprise, these move rather quickly! I joined a Yahoo group called ‘Socknitters’; they devote most of their time to…you guessed it…socks. I hope to venture into a project creating socks on 2 circular needles.

Right now I am knitting a reversible cabled throw for my knitting chair. I am using worsted weight wool from Lion Brand. The pattern is by Lily Chin. She is clever the way she designed the cables. Instead of using the knit stitch exclusively, she uses a 1×1 ribbing; that way it is the same on both sides. I am hoping to have a photo of my ‘WIP’ posted soon. Since it is a large project, I am scoping out other patterns that are more portable. I have found a pair of socks at the ‘Socknitters’ site as well as a hat pattern from Berroco. Very soon it will be mitten season. I try to get as many done ahead of time, before you know it the cold weather and Christmas gifting will be upon us.

This blog business is a relatively new concept for me; bear with me while I attempt to conjure creative juices. I will however, happily promote other blogs that are way cooler than mine.

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