Snip Snap, Snip Snap

It was a close call. I was happily knitting along on my Soup Snakes – woolly leg warmers by Laura Aylor-aka Fogknits. I thought I planned this project out perfectly. I swatched, people, I swatched! Everything was going according to plans until it didn’t. It appeared I miscalculated the yarn, or so it seemed. I placed the project on waste yarn while I figured out my options. I thought about begging for a ball or two from folks on Ravelry, but people only had the superwash variety in their stash. I thought about working the last section in a contrasting color. Then I thought ripping both out, casting on with smaller needles, and tweaking the stitch count was the way to go. My final decision was to cast on for socks. Logical, right? As I poked around in the bin of yarn, what do you think I saw? Only 5 balls of the desired yarn needed for the leg wramers. When I say I was happy, I mean I was overjoyed! I was *this* close to frogging. You may be wondering how I missed seeing the yarn the first time I looked. Let’s just say my mind has been a bit preoccupied and leave it at that. This is a great pattern; very well written and tons of fun to knit. Two thumbs up! Here is the finished product and I am very pleased.

Now, about that one-eyed house finch. After roosting on the bedroom door, I moved him to the shower curtain rod. (It’s hard enough to clean up after an 85 lb golden retriever. amiright?) He remained in the bathroom overnight; quiet and without incident. The next morning I put him outside and wouldn’t you know he flew off? Here is a video of the little bugger (you can hear my peppers sauteing in the background).

See his little eyeball? That is due to House Finch Eye Disease. This causes a the eye to become swollen and red, leaving the bird listless, mostly blind, and vulnerable to predators and bad weather. I have since seen him around the yard. He often sits on the grass or at the feeder tilting his head in the direction of noise. When he flies, he looks a bit like Woodstock.

Spring is here, but this fella would love to hold on to every last bit of winter. He loves the cold and snow.

But on the other side of the street we fully embraced it! The blooms have since faded, but boy they were a sight to behold.

I have cast on for another project. Actually two. Actually three. Whatever, Regina. You do you.

Did you have a nice Easter or Passover? My husband and I met on Catholic Match, and after exchanging emails and phone calls for a few months, our first date in 2013 was the Easter Vigil Mass. This is a 2-3 hour service with seven readings, psalms, tons of incense and wonder! I spent many services at mass alone. I always sat in the pew near the 5th station of the cross. I would look at husbands and wives worshiping together and it was difficult for me to not feel envious of what they had. When Robert offered to meet me for the vigil mass as our first ‘in person’ date, it seemed like a prayer answered. I was so moved by his love and knowledge of the mass. His appreciation of the faith and excitement for the Resurrection was beautiful. I could not help but suck his face at our parting. This month we celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I love this goofball so much, but I’m still not convinced he isn’t a serial killer!

This Easter felt so special. We did not have Mass last year. We did not have much of anything normal, last year. So this year, when the Gloria was sung and the bells were rung, I felt myself on the verge of tears. He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!!

I know I say this often, but it bears repeating. I love the blogging community. I love the knitting community. I am so blessed. My life is rich.

In my glass: Santa Cristina in my Pittsburgh Steelers wine glass

In my earballs: Real Crime Profile podcast

Saint of the Day: I’m just going to revel in the Easter season. Seriously, how wonderful is it all?

42 Replies to “Snip Snap, Snip Snap”

  1. Happy Anniversary! You have a wonderful story of meeting your husband:) It’s amazing to me how the right person comes along at the right time.
    We are seeing flowers here and the earliest trees are getting ready to pop leaves just as soon as it’s warm enough.
    Your leg warmers are lovely! I’m so glad you found the yarn you needed:)

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  2. Happy anniversary, cool leg warmers. I had quite the collection in the 80s when I had dance classes 5 nights a week and shows at the weekends. None were as nice as these ones though. My dog loves the snow too. She is getting old and slow but when there is snow on the ground she is a puppy again.

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  3. Happy anniversary! So glad you found the rest of your yarn for the leg warmers – how great is that! Thanks for sharing your lovely snowdrops and crocuses – we are a while away from flowers here, so it’s wonderful to see them blooming elsewhere 🙂 And this is belated, but very Happy Easter!

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  4. Firstly so pleased you found the yarn you had all along in your stash.. Lol… And LOVE your leg warmers and the cable down the sides… look very fetching and warm..
    The little finch… Aww… so sorry it got this disease of the eye… And hope he makes it…. But your tender love and compassion I am sure gave him a healthy boost .. He is in Gods hands now, you did your best..
    Lovely to see the spring flowers in bloom, yes our crocus and some miniature daffs and iris’s have since died off too..
    But they were a joy to behold when in flower…
    Good to see those videos lol of your Son… Time goes so fast as we wonder where those years went… I bet you are so proud of him…

    Sending HUGE hugs your way… Lots of love and a Happy Spring time.. ❤

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  5. Who knew that I needed soup snakes in my life? I just added the pattern to my Ravelry shopping cart. I have tons of fingering yarn in the stash and I’m thinking that maybe I can double up some yarn and maybe add a little lace so I can make the gauge. I’m always cold and fighting Raynauds so they look just perfect!!
    I once got a text late in the evening from a son who had discovered a bird in the house. It was really docile and he was afraid to just put it outside in case it was a pet. We did an online search and discovered that it was an European Starling, an invasive species brought to America by a well-meaning person who wanted to introduce all the species mentioned in Shakespeare’s works to this country. Who knew? Anyway, out that bird went as soon as morning arrived and it flew away all okay. My son’s cat thought that this was a fun time and was completely open to more bird visitors.

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    1. Oh you are too funny! These leg warmers are wonderful! The pattern was so well written. I can’t recommend it enough. In a lighter weight yarn, this would be perfect for helping your Reynauds. You can adjust the pattern easily. I am a sucker for injured birds. That being said, we often had Starlings raid other bird nests on the property. They can be quite the nuisance.

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  6. Happy Easter and happy anniversary Regina. It’s wonderful when you meet your soulmate later in life. We will have been together for 13 years next month and we celebrate the day we met every year. I walk around the block and he waits just as he did back then. 11 years ago as we recreated our first meeting, he asked me to marry him. Reader I did. I love those leg warmers – they are stunning. 😀

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  7. Happy Anniversary! (Ours is today 🥰) The croci and snow drops are such a treat! The story of your leg warmers, so glad you found the yarn, but what an entertaining read! You are a great story teller!

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    1. I absolutely did. I was loving the project and the thought that it would all have been in vain really made me sad. Depending on the size, you could use a thinner yarn or tweak the knit/garter panels a little. I really liked the way she formatted the pattern.

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