Everybody Loves a Party!

There is a wonderful tradition amongst some very lovely bloggers. Su (Zimmerbitch) hosts a monthly virtual tea party and EVERYONE is invited. The kettle is on and the knitting is near! The tea is from the very local Harney and Sons in Millerton, NY. This particular tin was included in my F2T box. Do you like the tea set? This was a gifted to me by my boys a few years ago. We are getting a snow storm and the heat is coming on; time to snuggle in.

Staatsburgh Blend: A local blend of black tea, apricot, red cornflowers, hazelnut, nutmeg and cinnamon. To Die For!
Chocolate Chip Scones. I ran out of vanilla extract so I added a little Frangelico Liqueur. I don’t think he minds!

Stay warm and cozy!


40 Replies to “Everybody Loves a Party!”

  1. That tea sounds just fantastic and, if it could be improved, I’d say serving it with chocolate chip scones is the way to go. Love the tea set, too. I love making scones and did a batch earlier this week adding some desiccated coconut. They were really good.

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      1. Getting there! The air temps are much better now (35-40), and the roads are clearing. Everything is still white, but the snow is softer and the piles are sinking. I’m betting the ground will still be white when the next cold snap arrives next week, but the piles will be mostly gone.

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  2. Have you ever seen Kate in The Last Homely House on YouTube? She crafts, bakes and raises chickens. She lived in northern England so I often laugh at the difference in words. She has s virtual lime green sofa we sit on… also there’s a Facebook group where we share craft photos and virtual foods

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