How Very “Pinterest” of You

When you think of impulse shopping, what comes to mind? Shoes? Handbag? Yarn? Not this gal. Upon stopping for a bottle of wine to have with our Chinese food, I was immediately taken with a bottle of Chianti. You know the one. Round, not tall, with the raffia around the base. Stick a candle in it and – voila! – instant atmosphere. I had to have it. As the clerk rang up my purchase, she commented “how very ‘Pinterest’ of you!” Take a look! Even when picking out wine, I am such a nature girl.

17 Replies to “How Very “Pinterest” of You”

  1. Gosh when I was growing up there was a chianti bottle with a candle stuck in it everywhere you looked. And the ones that had had a few candles in them and had loads of wax dripped down the side looked really cool. All you need is a checked table cloth and a big bowl of spaghetti 🍷🍷

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  2. Those are cool bottles! Was the wine good with your Chinese food? Or did you get different wine for that. And yes, I agree with knittingjane – chianti bottles with candles in them were all over the place in the late 70s and early 80s, at least where I grew up.

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