I Am The Winner

When I was a young mother raising two boys there was a growing trend that puzzles me to this day. The idea was “there are no losers, everyone is a winner!” I have been scratching my head ever since. If I subscribed to this mindset, a game of Candyland would be rather confounding, and my son Ben would never have been able to bankrupt me in Monopoly. (word of advice: If he ever becomes a landlord, avoid him at all costs).

So, if everyone is a winner, and there are no losers, then there really are no winners. We are tied and everything becomes ‘meh’. So why bother? This is how my brain works. It’s a curse.

I will be the first to admit that there have been, and continue to be times when I am a loser.

Trying to fill a colander with water. Loser

Asking my husband where Leonardo da Vinci was born. Crossword puzzle clue…five letters…begins with ‘V’. Double loser

Whatever. Loser. Dead to me.

This past month, I received two prizes in the mail because I was the winner. I won and everyone else lost. Sorry folks,

And here’s what I won:

A door prize courtesy of The Knitting Garden during the Long Island Yarn Crawl. This is some serious loot. Thank you, JoAnn!

This is the Rowan “Quench” Kit. It includes 8 balls of Rowan Cashmere Haze and the pattern for Lisa Richardson’s stunning tri-color scarf by the same name. I also receive a bag of mixed stitch stoppers and a Maker’s Keep both by Cocoknits, and a set of Nirvana Mango dpns. This is a new-to-me brand and I look forward to knitting with them.

The next win came as a surprise. I entered the Lolodidit Gameday KAL and my Cheesehead socks were one of the winners. Knit anything in one of her team colorways, enter a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #lolodiditgamedaykal and you could be a winner, too! I won a $30.00 gift certificate to her shop lolodidit.com. Guess what I picked? C’mon, guess! Another skein of her team themed sock yarn. This time in the Auburn Tigers colorway.

War Eagle!

So you see? I am a winner. If only there was a way to bump off Mr. Plumpy…

Damn you, Mr. Plumpy!

Saint of the Day: St. Francis Caracciolo. He’s a nice Italian fella from Naples and patron to Italian cooks. Bene, mangiamo tutti!

In my cup: Coffee 3.0

In my ears: Sweet Tea No Shade knitting podcast

Stay well, my friends!

Be cool, stay in school.

Up with hope, down with dope.

Geeks rule!



41 Replies to “I Am The Winner”

  1. Loved this humorous post Regina.. 🙂 and of course we knitters are going to pick the yarn…. We cannot resist more to put in our Yarn stash… 🙂 Lovely prizes
    and congratulations…. Smiled at your Son’s monopoly tactics… I never was a winner in our family monopoly games.. 🙂 ❤

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    1. My son is ruthless. No one has ever beaten him at the game. If the boys landed on my property and they couldn’t afford the rent, I would always feel terrible! Nope, not Ben. If charging interest or late fees were allowed, he would take them on as well!

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  2. Congratulations. I think it’s more accurate to say that the majority of us can win at some things, but will lose at others and if someone wants to say there are no losers, all you have to do is quietly as the question “What about the Dodo?”

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    1. That is priceless! Do you think there were some animals that slept through the alarm and missed the Ark? Some might say the Yeti did, but that is a debate they will lose!


  3. You are lucky!! Those are fantastic prizes:) Great choice on the yarn.
    I’m still grumpy about the everyone gets a trophy thing. It never made a bit of sense to me. Why try to win if everyone gets the trophy???

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    1. The yarn is like nothing I have ever felt before. The pattern that came with the kit is gossamer and lovely. I really enjoyed the crawl and can’t wait to do it next year.


  4. The participation ribbons and we’re all winners is so prevalent in schools and it drives me crazy because that’s not how life works so we aren’t really preparing kids for life!! Grrr- Sorry you hit one of my soapboxes

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  5. Congratulations on winning the yarn goodies!
    Nope, no calling yourself a loser – we either win or we learn, there is no losing 🙂
    Long Island Yarn Crawl – I am originally from NY and grew up in Long Island – I see you are my people 😉

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  6. Oh I am quite envious of your wins. I won a hamper a few years ago as I was featured in The People’s Friend with a circular blanket I made, and then I was a winner with loveknitting.com now lovecrafts.com for another circular blanket I made for my mother in law in Ireland and for £100 to spend in their shop. It is great to be a winner, and I think I am quite lucky. Keep it up.

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      1. I did win a place in a Q&A with William Shatner, but totally forgot about it and missed it. Although the company that ran it did email me to say they were sorry for tech issues that stopped some joining in. Saved by bad tech lol

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