Knitted ‘Elite Beat Beret’

After a brief knitting drought, my friend’s request for a Christmas gift for her daughter got me to pick up my needles.  A slouchy hat was the request.  The yarn?  Orange Malabrigo.  My heart said “yummy”, but Mom’s heart said “there has to be another color to tone down that orange!”  Whatever!!  Enter Blue Malabrigo! 
What to do?? What to do??  I was tickled with a solid orange hat, but now that blue was invited to the party, how should I incorporate it without producing an overly sporty cap?  For those not in the know, blue and orange are NY Mets colors!  :SQUEE:
I found the Spring Beret pattern on site here.  I loved the fact that the pattern repeats lend themselves to the color changes perfectly, and the pattern was written with varying degrees of ‘slouchiness’.  Once I obtained gauge, it was smooth sailing.  The pattern was well written and easy to commit to memory.  Given the hustle and bustle of Christmastime, the hat was a quick knit.  Amen!!
I wish I could have taken better pictures, but I was without my 8.0 megapixel dual flash camera on my htc Incredible.  Long story…
P.S.  The Elite Beat Agents don’t wear berets, but if they did, they would be this cool

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