Knitting Under Pressure

I do this every time.  Things get a bit zany for me and suddenly my knitting is put on hold.  Since I am an equal opportunity kinda gal, my yoga, reading and walking also get put on hold.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or Captain Obvious to realize that this habit leaves me very little in the way of fun things to do!  As a young girl, my mom could always gauge my stress by looking at my nails; gnawed stumps were harbingers of a bona fide ‘sitting-down talking-to’!  OK, so I have progressed away from the nails.  In fact, I actually feel rather proud of the way I handle my stress.  What I can’t quite figure out is how to juggle it all, you know, throw a few happy plates in with the mix. 
Well, here is the latest project in the “should have been done weeks ago” category.

Baby Yoshi

As you know, I enjoy naming my projects after video game characters.  Who does not LOVE a blue Baby Yoshi?  The size is medium with an 11″ leg opening for yummy baby thighs.  I elected to omit the cuff around the leg, giving it a ‘boy’ vibe.  I have another one in the works in ‘viola’.  I think a crocheted or eyelet trim would be so dainty and delicious, don’t you?  Assuming I don’t hit the stress skids in the meantime, I should have photos posted soon.  If not, send reinforcements or the Red Cross!

I am adding additional photos and notes on this pattern:
I knit one for a little girl.  The color is ‘viola’ and the garment boasts an adorable picot border around the leg openings.

Now, for the little boy’s bum!  Black soaker with a skull and crossbones design in duplicate stitch.  After casting on, I knit a few rounds of stockinette stitch before beginning a 2×2 rib.  This gave the waist a bit of a roll.  I like that!  Having much experience with cross stitch and embroidery, the duplicate stitch pattern on the bottom was relatively simple.  Knitters, just make certain your yarn is colorfast before attempting a white design on a black background.  Just sayin’…

Thoughts?  Comments?  Personally, I am delighted with how they all turned out.  I Love Babies!

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