A Year of Firsts: How not to trip when taking baby steps

I have done many new things this year; things that in my ‘previous life’ would have scared the snot outta me!  Each time, I come away feeling stronger…walking taller. 
What I have learned:

  1. I can find both NYC airports without batting an eye
  2. I can drive 18 straight hours so my son can compete in a gaming tournament
  3. I can survive 3 solid days of Halo Reach and the teens that come with it
  4. I can navigate up, down around and through the Blue Ridge Mountains
  5. I can maneuver the 5 mile long downhill stretches that come after the above mentioned mountains.
  6. I am terrified of ‘runaway truck ramps’, blown out tires on the side of the road and elevations over 3000 ft
  7. I can drive to Citi Field and back

That is a pretty impressive list, don’t you think?  Considering this was just the past 3 months.  In that time, I had a few moments, I call them my ‘oh shit’ moments.  I had one last night.

Last night, the Mets hosted a ‘Stitch n Pitch’.  For those of you who are reading this, I don’t have to explain what it is.  For the rest of you, Google it.  Then, the Mets announced it was ‘Star Wars Night’. Being in the ‘Firsts’ state of mind, I decided I HAD to go.  Alone.  So, I bought my ticket.  Next step, transportation.  Alone=Train so I looked into the MTA.  Fighting off another OS moment, I sent out an SOS to a very kind-hearted fellow at WFAN who patiently gave me a lesson in public transportation 101.  This is very good, indeed.

Until I missed my train out of Poughkeepsie.  OH SHIT! Breathe, Regina, Breathe…

I can do this, there is another train in an hour.

Grand Central Station.  Lovely to look at, but rife with OS potential.  Fortunately there were plenty of police sprinkled around.  The 7 Line?  “Right over there.  Takes you right to Citi.”  As promised, the sight of Citi Field from the subway window was wonderful.  The stop is a stone’s  throw from the Rotunda.  I bought a program, got my pencil and found my seat.  Missing that first train left me without the free yarn/needles for the fundraiser.  I didn’t think I would get much knitting done anyway.

Boy, I could use a drink.  Hey!  I am not driving!  I can have a drink!  One Stella, coming up!

I was fine until the 7th inning.  As I sat amongst the knitters, chatting away with their friends from various knitting clubs, I suddenly felt alone.  Even in the company of Darth Vader and Mr. Met, I started to get that funny feeling in my stomach and that pinching in my nose that comes just before the tears.

So I got up, had another beer and walked…and sniffled…and caught up on some of my favorite ‘Tweeters’.  A Mets reporter that I follow (you know who you are!) mentioned that my solo-ness was depressing, like having a fly ball come my way, only to have it stolen by a Wookie! And that is when I began to cry.  I cried, but not because of how I was feeling, but because he was able to make me laugh in spite of it. 

Last night’s life lesson: At the end of the day, no matter what kind of pitch life throws me, if I can laugh then it is a good day… A good day indeed.

May the Force be with you; it was with me last night.

This post was made possible by the support of @StevePopper and @MetsWFAN

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