Time to get to work

Based on this blog, one would think I was sitting around doing very little in the way of knitting.  While I am not someone who cranks out projects like mad, I have managed to keep my needles busy in spite of one shit-storm after another.(Do I have to make this post ‘adult-rated’ for saying this?)

My biggest accomplishment this winter was, by far, finishing the Cabled Throw.  This project was knit over the course of 3 winters.  I never thought I would be able to mark it finished on my Ravelry page.  Here is the irony: My initial notes on the project page was to add a 😦   because the shape of the blanket reflected the change in my tension and skill over the years; starting out wide when my knitting was loose and “new”, to a gradual narrowing as my stitches became civilized.  My decision to change my 😦 to a 🙂 was due entirely to the encouragement of my friends and fellow knitters.  Over and over again, they told me how great it was to have a singular project with so much knitting history.  This confounded throw was telling a story!  Nothing dramatic, really, just a “Gee Girl, your knitting doesn’t suck anymore” tale.  This is my ‘Linus’, my ‘special needs’ blanket.  My boys love it.  I love it.  It smells like yummy wool.  Granted, it is impossible to fold, having no ends that meet, but at the rate it is being used, I cannot imagine folding it for some time.

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