Feed me scraps and call me "possum"

Fun was had by all with these mittens!  Made from a blend of possum and merino wools, these cuties prompted jokes about night raids on garbage cans to hanging by my tail while knitting them, and everything in between! Truth be told, they are one of my favorite projects. 

The wool is from the brush-tail possum of New Zealand. 
In knitwear, possum fur resists pilling, is a lot fluffier and causes minimal or no irritation. Yummy!! I have since learned that this little critter is quite a threat to the NZ environment.  After their introduction over 100 years ago as a means to create a fur trade in NZ, their population exploded as the demand for fur declined.  Having no natural predators, these creatures are literally munching their way through the native brush.  Creating an industry that utilizes  possum products will make it financially viable for hunters to trap them. The possum fur is hollow and when spun with merino, produces a durable, lofty and warm wool that retains heat with the best of them! Check it out…

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