I’m Tasty and I Know It. Our National Candy

To all my American friends, I know what you are thinking. “We have a national candy?” Yeah, no, we don’t. But what if we did? Sitting at work the other day, this thought came to mind. I asked my boss and colleague what they thought our national candy should be. Without missing a beat, my office mate searched the web for ‘most popular candy’ The result was a statistic on the most purchased Halloween candy of 2020. Ready for this? Skittles and Starburst. I’ll give you a minute to get back in your chair for, I too laughed so hard I fell out of mine. Then, something came to mind that my chocolate-loving, sweet-toothed husband said to me last October: “When you buy candy for Halloween, get something I don’t like.” And suddenly, it all made sense! What if everyone shopped for Halloween candy like I did? Well, I imagine the most popular candy would be ‘Bit-o-Honey’ or those confounded circus peanuts! After much thought and a lengthy (and lively) discussion, we agreed the Hershey Bar would be America’s choice. If you look it up, the Hershey Bar was touted as ‘The Great American Chocolate Bar.’ Personally, I would vote for the peanut M & M.

My husband makes me laugh! He has a sharp wit and a quick sense of humor. There is one small problem, he is not suitable for prime-time. Whenever he sends me a funny text or email at work, I find myself hootin’ and a-hollerin’ out loud…but alone…because I can’t share it with anyone!! Mr. Naughty.

Speaking of my husband… I finished his blanket!! I named this project Eustace; an explanation is found on my project page. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Co. Encore Colorspun in color 7653. The only requirements he gave me for this blanket were the colors: Blue (to match his eyes), Brown (to match the chair) and Gold (to match the dog)!! I hope he likes it!

How did your scones turn out? did you try the recipe? I promised to share some alternatives to chocolate chip with you. I would have to say one of my favorite varieties is Cranberry Orange scones. Follow the basic recipe, but leave out the egg. In place of chocolate chips and vanilla, add fresh cranberries, a whole heap of fresh orange zest and fresh orange juice. I place the cranberries in the freezer before using. The dough mixes up in the same manner. While I will say that making individual scones is my favorite method over all, these do well patted into a circle, then cut into wedges because pressing the dough into a cup can cause the berries to squirt.

So, this happened:

This is a beautiful glass tea flask that I recently treated myself to. I waited patiently for a few weeks for it to arrive since it was traveling all the way from London. I enjoyed it for less than a week before I knocked it over on the kitchen counter. I am not one to cry over spilled milk, but this really made me sad. I was mad that I let myself purchase something ‘dear’ and even madder that I got so attached to a ‘thing’. It was lovely while it lasted and I would love to have another some day, but for now, this has to go in the trash.

I am a close to having another finished object to show you, but for now it is on the blocking mats. Seems like an eternity since I have completed anything so to have two projects come to an end is such a great feeling.

On a totally unrelated note, my husband watched This is Spinal Tap for the first time ever. As a musically inclined fella with a great sense of humor, this seemed like a match made in heaven. However, there did seem to be more head-shaking than giggling coming from his side of the sofa. I did hear him reference the movie a few days later when he commented on something that “lasted about as long as a Spinal Tap drummer.” My work here is done.

It is time for an afternoon cuppa before I start dinner. We are having broccoli rabe and beans, a Lenten favorite for Fridays.

In my cup: Harney’s Irish Breakfast

In my ears: Stitched In Sweden video podcast

Saint of the Day: Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin. Maria was born in Italy in 1888. She was very fearful of her father who was prone to jealousy and drunkenness. He preferred she work in the fields and help at home rather than go to school, so her education was limited. This often caused her to be ridiculed for not showing many “talents”. After joining the Sisters of St. Dorothy, she received a nurse’s training and began working in a hospital with very ill and emotionally disturbed children. It is here she found her calling. How beautiful is that? I feel sad for those who put her down. There is so much more to a person than schooling. And God shows me everyday that there is a place for each and every one of us in his plan. St. Maria is the patron saint of all those who are suffering from any form of spiritual, mental, or physical abuse. Thank you, St. Maria!!

Thank you for reading! Be well and have peace in your day.

Until next time,


29 Replies to “I’m Tasty and I Know It. Our National Candy”

  1. I buy Halloween candy that I don’t like, too.
    I have not tried your scone recipe yet but I will one day soon. Mr. Aitch isn’t a fan of scones (I doubt he’s ever actually had one) so I’ll have to eat them all myself. 😉 Though I must confess he might like the chocolate chip ones, not the cranberry orange ones that I love.

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  2. Your blanket us beautiful Regina. My favourite sweet treat is a Snickers bar but would say Cadbury Dairy Milk is probably one of the UK’s favourites and one of N’s favourite films is Spinal Tap. Thank you for giving me loads to think about on a Friday night 😉

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  3. When I spent a year in the US in the early 90s the only American chocolate we British girls liked were peanut M&Ms. I don’t think any au pairs liked Hershey’s it’s just so different from British chocolate, but peanut M&Ms taste the same everywhere. I think at least 4 times a year I find an opportunity to say about turning it up to 11. Such a funny movie.

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  4. The blanket is fantastic! Sorry about your tea flask thing. It looks like art. It wouldn’t have lasted in my house either:(
    My husband said he’d vote for Mr Goodbar. Yup, he shouldn’t be allowed in prime time also. I’m with you on the peanut M&M’s. They are the best:)

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    1. Hahaha!!! Mr. Goodbar came up at work yesterday. Good thing the kids aren’t in the building half the time. I joke about my husband, but I love potty humor! Comes with the job!


  5. The blanket turned out beautiful, and it looks so cozy! I agree about the candy – dark chocolate is the best, though peanut M&Ms are good too 🙂 So sorry about your tea flask – that would make me sad too. And thank you for the saint lesson 🙂

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  6. That blanket is just delightful. I’m sure he will love it. As for the chocolate, I have been trying out a range of ‘posh’ chocolate. Current favourite is Green and Blacks organic dark chocolate with crystalised ginger. It is devine. I like the sound of Saint Maria, she sounds like a compassionate woman who really found her vocation in nursing and it’s so sad that she died so young.

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  7. Your Candy analogy was interesting and amusing… not agreeing on the skittles – not my favorite, but I do like the other top one… and now I can’t even remember the name. 😂 Hubby is the plain Hershey chocolate guy but I need nuts in mine and enjoy it more with potato chips! I felt bad for you when I saw the cracks in your tea cup… never saw one like that… beautiful colors on the blanket, and how you picked them. I’m going to check out the scones and wishing I had oranges in the house today as they really add the flavor snd now I’m so hungry for one. Do you deliver?

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  8. Love the stripey blanket! Shame about the flask – if you’re inclined, you could try to have it restored using kintsugi, but I guess my visit to your blog is too late… We do get attached to things don’t we, it’s hard not to. 🙂

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  9. Wonderful colours on the blanket…. I have while I have been absent from WP been busy…. I crocheted a throw blanket too… 🙂 I thought I would put my knitting needles down and swap…..
    Have a great new week Regina… Sending loads of love your way…And thank you for sticking with me and your patience.. ❤

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    1. It is a pleasure knowing you here on our blogs; no patience required! I have a crochet blanket in the works. I am enjoying it so much that I don’t want it to end. I am using leftovers from socks and other fingering weight projects so I have to pace myself (or cast on more socks!)

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