Yes, Sir…That’s my Baby!

I don’t know how it gets to be a month between posts. I admire all of you who write daily or weekly. I really do.

I have two grown boys, aged 27 and 25 years. Who is my real baby? I think you all know.

This guy:

A few weeks ago Razz developed a growth on his lower lip. It grew quickly and it was ugly. His vet said she doesn’t like to play around with things on a dog’s mouth, so off it came! He did great. Surgery was uneventful and he came home without the cone-o-shame. The biopsy showed it was cancer. Good news is that the vet got it all and the skin around the site is healthy. Look at that face. Tragic.

Besides fretting about Razz, what have I been up to? I have had a productive few weeks. I have finished objects, people! You were introduced to some of these projects here:

I am very proud of this sweater. It is Savage Heart by Amy Cristoffers. There were obstacles, but not with the pattern. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. This had some ‘new-to-me’ techniques. The sweater is knit in two halves and from side to side. It also has an applied I-cord edge on the bottom which I loved doing! And finally, I learned how to seam reverse stockinette along side seams as well as a bound-off edge. I am very pleased with the results. I am going to wear the HECK outta this one!

Next off the needles was the Larks Alvina by Louisa Harding. I would describe this as a nice palate cleanser! Easy pattern to follow using two balls of Morehouse Farm Merino Lace.

The last project to come off the needles was another Barley Light. I received a surprise delivery a few weeks ago. The doorbell rang and I was greeted by my son who was bearing gifts from his client, Bill, with the message “pretty please?” How could I resist? The tomatoes were supposed to go into sauce, but I ate them whole with a little sea salt and black pepper.

This is a great pattern and the yarn is from Sawkill Farm which is 10 minutes away in Red Hook, NY.

I love a good impulse buy as much as the next gal, so when I saw this fella online, I had to pick up a few for my knitting friends. I love his face. Here are photos of our front stoops. Mine is in the middle. I’m going to call her “Baaabs”.

We are planning a much needed vacation to Orwell, NY.

See that little dock? I love to sit there and say my prayers each morning.

Razz can’t go swimming because of his surgery, but there is no reason why he can’t go canoeing with his mama. These were taken last year. It was his first time in a boat.

Welp, that’s all folks. This post took forever and day to finally make it out of drafts!

Have a blessed day and kiss your favorite furry!



In my ears: The wind is howling and gusting. Such a great sound!

In my cup: Tomato Bisque and black pepper crackers…I could eat this every day.

Saint of the Day: Today is All Souls Day! All Souls Day is a holy day set aside for honoring the dead. The day is primarily celebrated in the Catholic Church, but it is also celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox Church and a few other denominations of Christianity. The Anglican church is the largest protestant church to celebrate the holy day.

41 Replies to “Yes, Sir…That’s my Baby!”

  1. The sweater is lovely but most of all – whew – glad the Bestest Boy Razz is okay! Mike the mini schnauzer and I send him lots of thoughts of healing and hope he works the sad face to get as many treat as he can (per Mike) 🙂
    Oh the closing photos of him are adorable I want to reach in and cuddle him through the screen!

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  2. That sweater is lovely, I can see why you are so excited to be wearing it at last. Wishing Razz a fast recovery, and some nice days in the sunshine that is hopefully coming your way. We are 74 here today, it is amazing after that week with highs in the teens. That sheep is just darling, good thing we aren’t neighbor’s, or I’d be asking her to come visit my steps for a week or two!!

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  3. I’m glad they sorted Razz out so quickly and he seems to be recovering well. All your FOs look great and I especially like the cardigan. My secret to posting every Sunday is to start drafting it around Wednesday and just add bits and then on Saturday night do the tagging and schedule it to publish in the morning. This also helps me remember what I did. If I left it all to write on the Sunday I guarantee I’d not remember most of what I made.

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  4. So pleased to read of Razz’s recovery and the resulting news… Argh Bless him…. I bet he has been getting extra cuddles and love..
    Your sweater is lovely….. And love the nutural colour which means it will go with anything..
    And the shawl colours lovely Autumn ones.
    Enjoy your vacation Regina.. I think we could all do with one to get over this year..
    No pumpkins out much here as no Halloween trick or treating allowed due to our area in Lockdown measures again.. But I did here fireworks going off, So I think children were partying at home..
    I keep meaning to take a picture of my latest Cardigan knit… But Its been washed three times since I finished it Lol… Maybe I will remember and add to my next Garden post… Which is way overdue…
    Enjoy your your ME time… and relax….
    Hugs and love Sue ❤

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    1. Thanks so much, Sue! Razz is such a happy boy. His tail has been wagging non-stop this whole time. He is such a blessing! Please share your cardigan with us. I love seeing everyone’s knits and they give me such inspiration. I could be in the middle of no where and be perfectly happy. I only wish my husband could completely relax. He really deserves the down time.

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      1. 🙂 I have a stash of wool to last me quite a long time.. and a folder of patterns to choose from… I am reading at the moment, but I feel the itch starting to scratch away at getting my needles out again.. 🙂
        Take care and Enjoy your break

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  5. Wishing Razz a speedy recovery! Love your sweater – if the finishing allows for it, it looks like it can be worn inside out too! 🙂 Great color on that shawl as well, you must be overjoyed to have finished these beauties. And Baaabs – she’s just the cutest. ❤


  6. All very beautiful sweaters you are knitting, but I love the old dogs more than anything, and miss mine so much. I’m so glad your baby’s surgery went well! Take care of him, and you too! xx

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  7. Aww poor Razz! His down face almost broke my heart (dogs be like that!) but I’m so glad he’s recovering!😁💕💕

    The tomatoes look delish but then amongst all…the DOCK😍❤ And the trees and the wind…is making me dream hard rn😍😂 (Though it’s cold and all I want to do is get buried somewhere😂😁)

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