Pick Up or Delivery

How’s this for an inspiring photo? I know what you are thinking. She’s gone mad. The virus has gotten to her. While the former may be true, the latter is not; I am in very good health. Thanks be to God. So…what’s with the picture? This is the outside of my sweetie’s office. He works about 3 minutes down the road. He is an accountant and while he typically enjoys lunch at home with Razzle, he is working straight through helping his clients navigate the changes affecting their businesses.

“Ring, ring.” “Hello?” “Hi sweetheart. I’m not going to be able to get home for lunch, would you mind dropping something off?” Thankfully, this guy loves leftovers (isn’t that right, honey…). So I warm up some home cooking and head out. He was going to meet me in the parking lot, but some people insist on being in the building even though they are far from essential. Rather than have either of us come in contact with them, I tapped on his window and passed his food through. “Did you order the pasta? That’ll be 3 kisses and a virtual hug-please move to the next window!”

My son continues to take care of his Grammy, and she has no problem telling me what a good boy he is. Of course we knew that all along, but somehow, when Grammy says it…

Meanwhile on the Razzle front:

Today’s saint is quite relevant to our lives. St. Francis of Paola was a hermit who lived in Paola, Italy around 1400. Maybe we can ask God for the grace to view solitary life through the eyes of St. Francis of Paola. Of course, I am pretty sure rambunctious, housebound kids were not permitted in a monastery. Just a hunch! God bless all of you young parents.

I am not drinking anything right now, but looking at the time, and feeling my lids getting sticky, I think there is a cup of coffee in my future.

In my ears: Alex had a really good mail day! The video game he pre-ordered came a day early! Persona 5 Royal. According to theverge.com, it is “the definitive version of an already brilliant RPG”

I would like to thank each and every one of you who visit me here. It is so nice to have the company. And for all you other bloggers, THANK YOU! Your words and thoughts come into my day like a good friend. I am so incredibly blessed.

Praying for peace and health in your lives,


31 Replies to “Pick Up or Delivery”

    1. The only time he gets ants in his pants is around mealtime, and when he feels the zooms coming on; typically once a day. Then he is Joe Cool.
      Is the sun out in your neck of the woods? It keeps going in and out, but the wind is whipping around.

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  1. Love this.. I expect you will receive your tip later LOL.. in the form of a big hug… 🙂 😉🤗 Love the name Razzle.. And he looks like he doesn’t wish to move in a hurry… Any left overs for overseas delivery???? haha…. Take care… and much love Regina.. ❤

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    1. Oh, I better!! Razz is so mellow. We always comment that he absorbs all the stress. Honestly. He has such a calming presence.
      If I know my husband with pasta, I’ll get the empty container back with lots of hugs. Did you feel my prayers this morning? 🙂


      1. I do believe Regina that our pets know when we are stressed or poorly.. At least my Cat used to know when I needed that energy boost… And would always come for a cuddle…. 🙂 And We always feel better don’t we with their unconditional love…
        Thank you for your prayers Regina…. We all need extra and sending of them…
        As I said on my main blog post last evening, we had a community clapping for care-givers and keyworkers who are going to work and keeping going along with our NHS staffing hospitals etc…
        Everyone came out on their doorsteps at a certain time and clapped cheered their appreciation and gratitude.. The atmosphere was Wonderful…
        There is a link there for a group healing meditation world wide calling on a million to join together in their thoughts and prayers, Meditation what ever you wish to call it…. At certain times.. I don’t know your time zone, but the link shares that..
        Sending Hugs and Prayers over the ocean too my friend.. Take care 🙂 and enjoy your day ❤


  2. Nothing like getting to the end of a hectic day and then reading your wife’s blog and wishing I were home with her and razz instead of dealing with wealthy business owners who want the last cent they can get out of tax money. I try to add a little goodness to their lives and get some goodness from theirs. I have to remember I am in God’s presence and seeing the goddess Regina Mary at my window with food for her long lost sailor, gives me all I need to KNOW that GOD is blessing me every moment I am alive!

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  3. That was great you’re able to deliver lunch and I keep hearing drive thru is the safest way!
    I think we should all learn from the pups right now- this pandemic doesn’t seem to be disturbing their sleep at all!🤣

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  4. Hi Regina, Glad to hear your all doing well. Sounds like your mamma is beingb well taken care if too. Please tell her I said hello. I tried to call her but no answer. She probably didn’t recognize my phone number. I sent it to you in an email. How is Anita, John and his family doing. Hope all well.
    Nancy has pulmonary hypertension and needs to have a procedure done.
    Please keep her in your prayers.
    Love to see pics of Raz. Don’t have a doggie right now, just two rotten cats
    who don’t like each other. I’ve been praying to St Francis about this.
    Please keep in touch
    Love, your cuz, Lucy

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