Still Crawling- LI Yarn Crawl pt. 2

The third stop on my list was Knit, located in Roslyn, New York. Knit is a bright and roomy shop just off of Main Street. I was greeted at the door by a friendly woman who made sure to stamp my Passport, enter me into the raffle and hand me the list of daily specials. I was immediately drawn to the Cozy Color Works trunk show. Sandy, who hails from New Jersey, was on hand with her beautiful yarn. I have seen her wool at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival and figured it was high time I bought a skein. I fell in love with Nightfall on the SW Merino base. It is 550 yds of crazy color and a perfect gift for my friend Katherine. Katherine would give you the shirt of her back and the wool from her stash. She typically knits with solids, so naturally I pick something totally off the wall to remind her of ME! I really love this color. I really love Katherine.

Who can resist a sale on Perth? Apparently I can’t. This going to make my feet so freakin’ happy.

I’m doing pretty well so far, don’t you think?

Hopping in my car once again, I head south toward Oceanside, New York. This is on the south shore, where I encounter a bit more traffic and a lot less parking.

The Knitting Store is a tiny little shop tucked neatly off a small alley between the main road and the municipal parking lot. It may be a small shop, but you bet they have room for a table at which to knit!

Once inside I met Tina, mastermind behind Tina’s Toasty Toes. Tina is local to Long Island and dying is her passion; that passion comes through the moment you meet her. Just look at the smile on her face!

Even though her selection was huge, my choice was easy. I wanted a skein of sock yarn for my friend and colleague who is also named Tina. The yarn had to be in school spirit color. Check out this beauty. The shade is so deep and rich. She is going to love it. Tina has never made socks, so yes, it comes with free sock knitting lessons!!

I still have two shops to share with you. Stay tuned yarnies!!

Don’t forget to wash those paws of yours. Soap and water is more effective in the long run than hand sanitizer. Tired of the Birthday Song? Scrub to this: Africa by Weezer with a convenient 20 second chorus!

Today’s Saint, St. Constantine, was the King of Cornwall and is regarded as Scotland’s first martyr.

Beverage du jour: Daily Immunity Tea by Nuestra Salud. Tastes like dirt, so it must work, right?

Love and good health to all of you, and as always, thank you for stopping by.


27 Replies to “Still Crawling- LI Yarn Crawl pt. 2”

  1. I love virtually joining you on your yarn crawl:) You picked out beautiful yarns. I bet your friends will be thrilled particularly Tina who is getting a sock knitting lesson. Welcome to the dark side Tina:) You’ll love it here with the sock obsessed!

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      1. To be honest, I don’t know what the issue is. They are both very established knitters. Maybe they don’t like being bothered with dpn? I knit magic loop and that doesn’t appeal to them either. They are missing out on some very fun knits and wool.


    1. I don’t know how you can not feel the thrill of the “turn” on a sock!! I think of it like the homestretch of an exciting NASCAR race. I love your zombie apocalypse crawl. I love Razz, the goodest best boy!

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  2. What beautiful yarns you chose… can’t wait to see how they work up. I finally plunged in to teach myself how to knit socks after joining up on the Winwuck group and following her pattern. I struggled along not quite understanding the sock construction but with their help I managed to finish one sock then the second. My next pair I chose to try those small 9inch circulars. They worked well but hard on the hands and I felt I knitted looser with them. I ended up going back to trying to understand magic loop once again. After finding a new video, it clicked with me and I use it for almost everything! I’m in several FB sock knitting groups… possibly you are in them? At present I have 4 socks on one magic loop now… after seeing a girl in the group knit 12 at once I was intrigued to try… starting off slow. As soon as my yarns arrive I am loading up my new 60 inch needles for 12 at a time socks! I’ll never knit one single sock again- always knitting at least a pair together. Love to hear how you knit socks! Happy knitting and stay safe.

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      1. I recently bought a vintage yarn swifter but have been thinking of buying a new one. I have a table top ball winder I purchased at an estate sale… but at the moment misplaced in my house… like so many things! What do you use?

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