Why? Just…Why?

Those were the words my husband said to me as he sat down to breakfast. I’m no stranger to the kitchen and I can crank out some pretty decent stuff, but my nemesis is the hard-boiled egg, and the eggs that morning were particularly bad. I mean, really bad. Half of the egg white came off with the shell. Are you feelin’ me? I blame the chicken.

True Confession: I have lied to students.

Them: “Wow, Mrs. M., this pencil sharpener is awesome.”

Me: “Thanks. It comes with a built in woodchuck.” Silence

Them: “Mrs. M., can you make copies of this math worksheet for me?”

Me: “Sure. Would you like it stapled with holes punched?”

Them: “It can do all that?”

Me: “Yes! The only thing it can’t do is fill in the answers for you, only the big copier does that.” Silence

Me: “Would you kids like a snow day tomorrow? (forecast says 100% chance of blizzard)

Them: “YEAH! You can do that?”

Me: “Sure! I’m in charge of snow days here!”

Them: “WOW! That’s awesome!”

…Blizzard hits Rhinebeck. Kids dreams come true. Fast forward…

Kid’s Mom: “Mrs. M., will there be school tomorrow?”

Me: “I wouldn’t know.”

Kid’s Mom: “Oh, don’t you decide on snow days? That’s what Billy said.”

Me: “My work here is done.”

I hope you all have been well. I’ve been busy. Finishing up those wips really cleared up my head, and stoked my knitting mojo. KonMari for Knitters! I never realized how much of a downer it was to have languishing projects around. Since the start of the new year, I have finished a few hats, a scarf and two pairs of socks.

Lauren Slagle, mastermind behind Lolo Did It Yarns, dyed up some team spirit colorways. I purchased her Plush Sock in three colors:

Cheesehead: Green Bay Packers

Back the Pack!

Steelers Nation: Pittsburgh Steelers

Steeler Nation!

Keep Pounding: Carolina Panthers

Just waiting to be cast on!

The yarn is yummy, and while I find the colors a bit on the subtle side, they make for great spirit wear and very comfy socks none the less.

Another project I am excited about is the Lace Blanket Mystery KAL by Cecilia from Oh La Lana! We are only on square #2, so it is not to late to join us. This project should be finished sometime in August. I am excited to be doing something a bit outside my comfort zone. I have been knitting in the round for so long that I had to reacquaint myself with a lace chart and the trusty ‘life line’. Ignoring that glaring error in the second photo, I think the final product will be a nice, lightweight but cozy throw. (don’t look! OK, you can look! No, wait!) This is knit out of Times Remembered Prime Alpaca. I purchased the yarn at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (aka, Rhinebeck). It is a beautifully haloed yarn in a heather blue color. These photos do not do it justice. The final product will be 3′ x 5′. Please check out Ceci’s blog and website. She is a talented lady and a real sweetheart!

We interrupt this post for rant from our sponsor…

We have automatic, motion-detecting lights in our staff bathroom. I may be of simple mind, but I tend to let the light do it’s thing, and that is, detect motion. Motion = on. No motion = off. While I appreciate the Eco-consious as much as the next guy, I tend to get a bit…how does one say…pissy, when I really, REALLY have to pee and I can’t find the light switch because someone thought it best to save energy by turning off the motion-detecting light. DAMMIT.

I hope you have been well. As always, I am truly grateful for anyone who takes the time to stop by, read and comment. I appreciate the blogging community very much!

Peace to you today, and in the days to come.



Today’s Saint: St. Jacinta Marto, youngest visionary of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal in 1917. Her Patronage is broad:

• against bodily ills or sickness
• captives, prisoners
• people ridiculed for their piety
• sick people

I would like us to offer up a silent prayer to the victims of sex-trafficking. May God help them and have mercy on their tormentors. (don’t mean to be a downer, but seriously.)

In my glass: Harney and Sons Tea: Paris. OMG! Buy this. It is intoxicating. No seriously. Buy it.

Made right in my neighborhood!

This tea tastes sweet like caramel and has a fruity black currant flavor. You can also taste a hint of vanilla. $!2.00 for a 7oz tin of loose tea. Can’t beat that with a stick!

In my ears: I think someone just stepped on a duck.

19 Replies to “Why? Just…Why?”

    1. Awwww! Thank you! I absolutely love projects in team colors. If you look back to earlier posts or through my Ravelry page, you will see all the Scoreboard Cowls I have knit. If you like football, it is a really gun project.


  1. That’s a great price for tea! Peeling eggs is the worst. I just recently got some “Eggletts”. You just crack the eggs in the mold and boil them. I’m liking them so far.

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  2. Thank you for sharing the Saint and for your prayers for victims/survivors of trafficking. I do not have the ability to pray for Mercy for their tormentors. My friend Melody was trying to keep her kids safe after they reported horrific abuse and was recently arrested for going on the run with them when the court demanded they stay in the home with their abuser.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha please keep messing with the kids, oh controller of the snow days! It would be handy to actually control that wouldn’t it?
    I can’t see any glaring errors in your photo – it just looks lovely and fluffy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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