Thank you for being a friend.

Quick question.

Do you give your Ravelry projects names? I do, but often wonder if others do as well. My Ravelry ID is ‘Gamermom’ because I do love a good video game. When I began creating pages for my knitting projects, I would name each one after a video game or character. Lately I have been wondering if others create their own names as well. If so, what inspires you? I get the obvious “Christmas hat for Bobby” names, but if it isn’t so obvious, what is the inspiration?

2018 for me was a year of knitting with friends. It is way too easy for me to pick up my knitting and tune out the world. I don’t think I am the only knitter with this tendency. What made last year so stellar was the projects that I knit in community with my friends, both real and virtual. I tend to avoid KALs because I have an aversion to combining knitting and deadlines. But, when awesome people and awesome projects walk into the room together, who can resist? Here are a few projects that were made better by the wonderful company I kept while knitting them.

Our own little KAL!

My friend and I decided to knit the Humulus sweater, long before the pattern went to the top of the heap during Mason – Dixon’s March Madness Competition in 2018. That’s right, we are trendsetters and don’t you forget it! Mine is knit in Malabrigo Worsted in Orchid and Olive. Sassy girl chose a beautiful grey palette by Knit Picks Simply Wool Worsted. We are both thrilled that Isabell Kraemer is the mastermind behind the latest Mason-Dixon Field Guide!! I got mine…did you?

Another project my friends and I worked on together in 2018 was the Water hat by Thea Coleman, as part of the “Water for Flint” project. Please take a moment to read about this wonderful outreach. When you are done reading, please take another moment to tell me how to take decent photos. Thank you in advance.

The final project came out of some of my favorite video podcasts. Chevas of the Chevyrell podcast hosted the In the Light KAL. I don’t know why I chose to join this KAL, being allergic to deadlines and everything, but Chevyrell is funny and naughty and sweet and enjoys a well curated cocktail! I selected Fiber for the People yarn which is dyed by Tayler of the Wool, Needles, Hands: a Fiber Journey podcast. Tayler, was very patient with me as I attempted to select 3 different yarns for this fade-y shawl. We exchanged many an email before the final yarn was purchased. I had hours of knitting, chatting and Instagram fun from start to finish with this project, and now, I am one of the moderators for Tayler’s Ravelry group! I KNOW! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make friends on social media.

The face only a Goldie can love!

Do you have friends that bring all sorts of happy to your knitting? I would love to hear about them.

Today’s beverage: The humble cuppa coffee…

Today’s sound: The classic snoozle!

Today’s Saint: St. Frances of Rome. She founded a society of women bound by no vows. They simply offered themselves to God and to the service of the poor.  Who did she do this with? Her sister-in-law and friend, Vannozza! See? Friends Rule!

Thank you for being my friends!


30 Replies to “Thank you for being a friend.”

  1. I love the crocheted friends up top and all your projects are beautiful. Sometimes I have a shorthand, less fancy name for my Ravelry projects, but I never would have thought to name them for video games. At my Tuesday knit/crochet group, we talk about husbands, kids, friends, remodels, and basically solve all the world’s problems. It’s wonderful to have that community.

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    1. I love the knit group chat! Does your group have any special nights like show and tell, or demos on special techniques? My son and I are huge Golden Girls fans (who isn’t). When I found that photo I flipped!


      1. Sure. Though I don’t have a Ravelry account. I’ve been thinking about signing up. I never knew much about it.

        I used to watch the GG as a little girl. They seem to be popular lately. I’ve seen GG t-shirts in the stores. I’ve also seen a Sofia Chia pet at my local pharmacy, which I thought was very funny!

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  2. Sure. I don’t have a Ravelry account though. Never knew much about it. I have been thinking about signing up though.
    I used to watch the GG as a little girl. They seem to be popular lately. I’ve seen GG t-shirts in the stores. I’ve also seen a Sofia Chia pet at my local pharmacy, which I thought was very funny!

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