When Irony Is Not Lost

Supermarket face plantMy local supermarket is in the throes of renovation and reorganization.  Typically, the feminine supplies are located somewhere in the vicinity of the health and beauty  aids, right?  Now they are conveniently located in the snack aisle.  Yuppers…Potato chips, Fritos, and feminine supplies.  Not quite sure if this was the brain child of a man or a woman, but I am convinced someone accessed the deepest darkest recesses of my brain.   Some people go for the chocolate, but for me, it’s all about salt.  Is there really any limit to how many pistachios a gal can consume?  I think not, and I would consider myself a pistachio expert.

On to knitting…

I cast on for the All-ways Cowl (for the third time) and knit the first 8 rows.  As an FYI, there are multiple techniques for incorporating beads into your knitting.  I watched two videos, neither of which were by Laura Nelkin Designs, and neither of them were the ‘right‘ techniques for the project.  Three is a charm indeed.  I am going to show you the very early stages because I am just so freakin’ happy that I finally get it.  I give all credit to the dedicated folks in the Nelkin Designs Ravelry Group, and Laura herself for not leaving knitters high and dry.  I know the photos are lousy, but can you see how the yo and ssk are creating an angle?  I feel like the beads could stand out more, but I wasn’t familiar with all the different bead sources available (again, something I learned from the Ravelry group).  Once finished and blocked, I think this will be a real beauty.


Eating:  Honey Crisp Apple

Listening:  Me crunching on a Honey Crisp Apple

Who is today’s Saint? So glad you asked!  St. Jerome Emiliani, patron of orphans and abandoned children.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if St. Jerome was out of a job?  Sending love and hope to children everywhere.

Enjoy the day and have a truly wonderful weekend.



Oh, I forgot to tell you!  I posted two new photos here and here.  You’ll never guess the subject!  Hey!  I own my obsession… just sayin’

10 Replies to “When Irony Is Not Lost”

    1. I thought this was about no iron clothing. Truly ironic. So sad about spill in isle 10. White cheddar popcorn can take care of that in a JIFFY. See what I did there???

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