I am really excited to write to you today

For the past few days, I have been telling the reasons why I have decided not to do a podcast at. this. time.  Today, I am going off track to tell you why I considered it in the first place, and about the revelation I had on the treadmill.

I would say, the primary reason for considering podcasting is to be part of a larger knitting community, sharing what we love to do and a little bit about who we are.  Sounds good, right?  I think so.  I did, however, become a little discouraged when many of the more popular podcasts became hour long episodes of frantic show and tell, coffee drinking and product promotion.  Nothing wrong with that, but I was under the impression that there was no place in that world for me.  I just don’t think that way, and it would not make me happy.  I would never want to make someone feel they need to have all the fancy notions or project bags in order to knit.  It isn’t practical, and in my case, I am very happy with what I use.  Then I went to the gym, and while on the treadmill, I started to search for podcasts that are less familiar.  Enter Michelle Carter’s “My So-Called Handmade Life”  The episode that came up was #3.  I typically search out episode #1 because they tend to have a little ‘getting to know me’ in the beginning.  However, this episode was just what I needed to hear.  She spoke at length about the relationships formed by virtual means such as podcasting, blogging and sites like Ravelry.  She shared how fulfilling these relationships have been to her.  And that’s when I started thinking (typically dangerous, but in this case, productive).  Here’s why.  I live in Rhinebeck. Yup, The Rhinebeck.  In fact, I live directly across from the Fairgrounds.  Yup, The Fairgrounds, yet every year I attend the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival alone.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my company (we never disagree, never argue and we like the same food), but to attend an event like Rhinebeck with my only real social interactions occurring while on line at Miss Babs, is somewhat saddening to me.  Large crowds give me terrible anxiety.  Just going to the event alone is a monumental feat for me.  How wonderful it would be to have familiar faces to look for in that crowd!  Oh, I see many people I know, but they are milling about with their own group of friends, and I am not comfortable inserting myself into their plans…that goes back to my insecurity.  What if I had plans of my own?  That’s when I start to doubt myself.  Would people really want to spend time with me?  Actually, I think they would.  I have a great personality, quirky sense of humor and I’m a really genuine person.  Yet I go to “Rhinebeck” alone.

So, while everyone is writing about #goals and choosing words to inspire their year, I am going to make 2018 about finding a date for Rhinebeck!

Here is where you come in.  Would you consider sharing my blog?  Maybe something I have written will resonate with someone.  Maybe there are people who avoid going because of anxiety or lack of companionship.  Maybe that person is YOU!  We could go and be anxious together!

My husband just planted a yummy smooch on me…

As I was saying… Do you think this is possible?  Do you have the same feelings as me, or do you have a posse that you enjoy festivals with?  Here’s a question for you:  Do you have a friend you only know in the virtual sense?  How about one you met through Ravelry or blogging?  Have you ever met your online friends in person?

I really feel good about this.  I feel like I can finally overcome a hangup that has been gnawing at me for years.  I also feel better about podcasting because I have been watching ones that don’t speak to me!

After listing to her podcast, please take a look at Michelle’s blog, also called “My So-Called Handmade Life”.  I think she is really special and I would like to meet her some day.

On the needles:  Little Bobbins Knits “Twas the Night Before Christmas” sock.  Here is #1, it’s unblocked and really cute:

Twas the Night Before Christmas
Pattern by Dani of Little Bobbins Knits


In the cup:  Twinnings Green Tea – Jasmine

On the ears:  Razz’s snoring

Check out the Saint of the Day:  St. Blaise.  He is patron of throat illnesses, animals, wool combers, and wool trading!  I always knew the history behind throat illnesses, but his association with wool really surprised me!!  I am dedicating this post to all my woolie friends, those I know and those I look forward to meeting.

Be well,

Love, Regina.


6 Replies to “I am really excited to write to you today”

  1. Your sock is great!!
    I’m very jealous that you live in Rhinebeck;) I’ve been to the festival twice. It’s a 3+ hour drive each way (I’m near Boston). The first time I went with my husband and children. It was fun but I was the only one excited about the yarn. I think that same year a knitter I met online a few years before came to visit me from Ohio. The next year we arranged for her visit to allow us to go to Rhinebeck. It is way more fun (and more expensive) to go with a friend!
    I think if you want to make a podcast you should! The best knitting podcasts to me are more like a vlog: a little talk about the person, their pets, they show their knitting and other crafts, talk about what they hope to try next and maybe talk about an off topic thing they recommend like a movie, podcast, tv show or festival. I think find that I put off enjoying podcasts that are longer than 45-60 minutes. I also find I don’t start one that’s been around for a while if I feel like I have to start from the beginning. A little info about yourself every 5 or so episodes is helpful for people who jump in later. Good luck! I hope you give podcasting a try:)

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I can’t imagine more than 30 minutes of me, tbh! I wanted to highlight some fun things that are local for people to see/do while they are in town, as well as some interesting yet off-topic segments. Stay tuned!!! 😉

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  2. I found you! I just saw your comment on the podcast today, I’m not sure why. Anyway, it was a bit scary podcasting but I felt there were enough blog readers out there that I wouldn’t get booed off of YouTube, but I didn’t know if anyone would watch. So I do try to converse with people thru it, but also make it journal enough that I’d be satisfied if no one watched or commented- kind of how I treat my blog.
    But asking an online friend to meet up in person makes me feel extremely shy. I did that trip with a long time online friend but that wasn’t so scary. Asking people to meet up at a local Fiber Fest or yarn store, which I just pushed myself to do yesterday, is harder. It still hasn’t happened b/c the friend has work during the hours I can meet up, but I think it will happen eventually.

    Regina, if I ever make it to Rhinebeck, and I always said I would go camping in New York one fall after my son graduates, I’d love to meet up and walk around with you. The things I hear about the crowd there have made me rethink if I’d enjoy the frenzy, but if I had someone to talk to and get to know better, I wouldn’t mind a crowd. I walked around DFW Fiber Fest alone and it was fun, but would’ve been so much better with someone to look at things or knit with.

    If you feel a strong urge to podcast it’s worth trying out. Post it on your blog and let it be an extension of that. There’s no need to worry about regularity, unless you want that. I like a podcast that feels like sitting down and knitting with a friend and all the things you say that have you disenchanted with some current podcasts are just a distraction from that. I’ll be watching for yours! Also, please post in the comments of my podcast when you start yours so people can follow the link to yours. Or have you already started a podcast?!?
    Thanks for the kind things you said here, too. It means a lot because I was trying to fill an empty place in my social life with a podcast, but I also want to be worthy as a “podcast friend” to viewers.

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