And On The Third Day…

Welp, if you are into Genesis of the written, not musical type, day 3 was pretty amazing.  My ‘day 3’ pales in comparison.  This is your opportunity to politely exit the room.  Or impolitely for that matter because I am happy you stayed with me this long.

I work at a school.  I belong to a union.  I am the secretary to that union.  I love the work I do.  Presently, we are in the early stage of negotiations with the district.  I met with my fellow officers this afternoon to review the initial proposal to the district.   While there were a few items needing clarification, the overall proposal was fine.  For. The. Most. Part.  What did not agree with me were items that ‘real’ people, the walking, talking people of earth, would consider a benefit, luxury or dare I say, privilege.


Where in the heck am I going with this?  Not sure if I know the answer myself, but I promised another thought on podcasting, and I am not one to disappoint!

I love watching podcasts, but there are so many.  When I think about why I like one over another it basically comes down to stuff.  This is a very scientific and technical term, yo.  I don’t know.  I have a difficult time with stuff.  Yarn stuff.  Project bag stuff.  Progress marker stuff.  I know much of what is shared on podcasts is donated by vendors and such, but to the average Joe, it is stuff none the less.  Is it necessary to have new purchases every week?  Is it necessary to have That. Latest. Pattern. By. Her?  I fondly recall the early days of knitting.  I knit because someone’s grandmother died and left a black hefty bag of cat pee smelling yarn behind.  My stitch markers were the multi-colored/sized Goody hair bands.

GoodyI loved Ravelry because it was free, and when I went into JoAnn’s or Walmart, I grabbed every single free pattern I could find.  When I purchased Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn I thought I “arrived”!  Those were wonderful days.  I took nothing for granted and everything, even a wool sweater at a yard sale had potential.  Now, I have more stuff.  I have stitch markers that are made and bought or gifted.  I have two shelves in a closet for my stash and my project bags are lunchboxes (but really, REALLY awesome lunchboxes). So, going forward, I don’t want to share with you anything- knitting or otherwise-for any reason other than to show you something that is special to me.  It will upset me very much if I make one person feel like they have to have IT.

Does any of this make sense?  It’s OK if it doesn’t.  It feels right in my little head and my little heart and that’s fine by me.

On to knitting!  Well, it’s about time, woman!  sheesh.

The Early Stages

The second Scoreboard Cowl I knit was in Green Bay Packers colors.  Little did I know that Aaron Rogers would go out with an injury in game 6; I would have ordered less green and more yellow yarn!

I love this pattern.  It’s not really a pattern, though.  It’s just a fun way to knit and watch the football game.  Next year I plan to knit one in Pittsburgh Steelers Colors.

On the ears:  The Allman Brothers Band:  Eat A Peach (free to stream with an Amazon account)

In the glass:  Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ($12.99 at a store near you!!)

The Finished Product!

P.S. I am growing fonder of this font.  Looks better live than in draft.  Sorry, I have a thing about fonts.

Today’s Saint is John Bosco, patron of apprentices, editors and publishers, schoolchildren, magicians, and juvenile delinquents.  Let’s keep these souls in our prayers today.

Peace to all!



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