February Lady Sweater

I am tackling my Spring Break to-do list.  The next item on my list is shamefully a holdout from as far back as the fall.  I have a habit of relegating my knitting to mindless mode when I am under unusual amounts of stress.  Consequently, I have made many a hat and scarf!  Spring is in the air, and my fingers are itching for a new project.  

I have always loved the The February Lady Sweater based on the timeless knitting of Elizabeth Zimmerman. I have a beautiful skein of yarn from last year’s sheep and wool festival that would knit up beautifully, resulting in a cool, crisp,  three-season sweater.  Looking for inspiration, I perused the 1,000+ variations of this pattern on Ravelry.  What struck me immediately was the variety of colors, fits and details knitters injected to make this pattern their own.  It was apparent to me that the ‘make-or-break’ element of the design is the yolk.  Going forward, I am looking for suggestions as to the best style for me.  One knitter “Woollings” on Ravelry has knit two equally beautiful iterations of this pattern.  The green version is a bit modest, with a roomier cut, and less shaping around the bust.  On the other hand, the red has a more modern cut, flatters the feminine figure and showcases the beautiful buttons.  

What to do…what to do…  Fortunately, the pattern is knit from the top down, allowing me to try it on as I knit.  None the less, I am interested in your thoughts.  Care to comment?

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