Technology my way

A question was raised about whether or not I would pay for a Microsoft “Diamond” membership. I am a Gold subscriber, though I don’t know why, so this got me thinking.  I don’t play Xbox as much as I used to or would like to simply because of time and logistics. I am sorry to say that console gaming has taken a backseat to mobile.  I just don’t have hours at a time to spend in front of the monitor playing games like I used to.  None the less, I am not willing to give up my Xbox360 habit all together. Here is my fantasy console: I want it to play video games (duh). I would like it to play blu ray/dvds, connect to my home network to stream my online subscriptions like Hulu and YouTube. While at it, let’s integrate FB and Twitter. Essentially, that would make it a computer that plays video games, yes? So, is that the reason so many gamers are taking up the ‘I am going back to PC gaming’ battle cry? Ultimately, the ideal set up is all things on one account, accessible by various means at a competitive price.  Whether on my lovely LCD flat screen, or my super sexed smartphone, I want TV, gaming, videos and music in one spot with one set of credentials at one price. Does that come from my phone service provider, internet provider, cable or gaming provider?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that we have the technology to do this.  What I don’t know is if everyone is willing to play nice in the sandbox.

How did simplifying life become so complicated?  Gimme a minute, I’ll Google it!

ETA: I have been barking about ala carte television forevah!  WTF, is it really that much of a stretch?
ETAA: I  really do hate the fact that I cannot customize the title font

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