Can I Vent?

Sometimes things just get to me.  People are always willing to absolve themselves of responsibility as long as there are jackasses like me pick up the slack.  Not to say that all slack picker-uppers are asses, some of my best friends are slack suckers.  I just marvel at the fact that this happens so frequently even with people who sign on to be responsible.  This, I know, makes absolutely no sense out of context but none the less, I feel all the better for writing it.
Now, on to more enjoyable stuff…Knitting.  I was cruising around Ravelry, looking at some of my friends finished projects and found myself amazed at the beautiful items they knit.  One young lady knit not one, but two dresses.  DRESSES!  Holy cow!  And, here is the rub…they looked amazing on her.  I asked how she progressed to the point of having the skill to create such complex and customized pieces.  What came out of our conversation was my habit of ‘over thinking’.  I do this.  I know I do.  I analyze each stitch and row to death. 
I found this in an article in Scientific American:
“Trying to concentrate on monitoring the quality of your performance is counterproductive because the cerebellum, which controls complex motor tasks, is not consciously accessible.” 
In spite of the research nature of the whole concept, I felt so encouraged but not for the reason you may think.  I am tickled pink that my over thinking is proof positive that I have a brain!  Phew!  All of this thinking about over thinking has me thinking I need a drink.  Then I’ll get creative!
Peace out!

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