Thanks to all the encouragement from my friends-especially Maven, Nathalie and Sue Mc.-I finished the sweater for my husband. My concerns about the freakishly large looking neckline were quickly dispelled when I knit up the seed stitch border. I washed, blocked it, and inspected my ends to make sure all were worked in neatly. After smelling it and rubbing it against my boys cheeks (it was buttery soft alpaca) I wrapped it and left it on his pillow. I did the final touches in the afternoons before he arrived home from work so he was not aware it was near completion. When he opened it he was thrilled! Trying it on right away he bagan parading around the house showing the boys. He declared “I love it”, planted a big sloppy wet one on me and started planning outfits around it. He kept saying “I feel so European”.

After all the fretting and doubt, I have completed the project and cannot wait to start another. I feel so much better about myself as a knitter and will definitely use this experience as a reminder to keep on keepin’ on! I have been taking notes since I began knitting but mostly about the yarn, guage, and the likes. I think I should add a section on my person experiences so I can reflect on them and hopefully use them as a reminder of the hurtles and hang-ups I have over come. Oh my! I sound like a grown up again. I cannot wait for school to start so I can hang with the middle school kids and regain my ‘tween’ mentality!

Once again, thank you to all my knitting friends for pushing me to see this through. #

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