Back Story on the Violet

My friend at work had a beautiful African Violet on her desk. It began a slow and steady decline due to lack of light and our boss pouring water on it to 'help it' along not realizing you cannot get water on their leaves. I have a problem. I cannot throw plants away no matter how sickly they are. I took that poor plant home, repotted it in a shot glass (a spare one of course!!) and it is now residing beautifully in its new home. No sign of flowers yet, but when it gets just a bit larger I will begin to feed it with violet food. The lesson from all this? Always have more than one shot glass in the house! HA!

One Reply to “Back Story on the Violet”

  1. I like that lesson…

    I nursed a pretty dead vine plant back to life one summer in – of all places – my dorm room. What started as one yellow-brown vine with just one leaf is now 200 leafy vines that threaten to take over the entirety of my parents' porch windows. It started to literally grow into the couch before my dad thought it best to trim some of it's limbs — now there are babies growing all over the house!


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