What a dumb ass

I am such a dork! I saw a cat in a tree this morning and decided to let the home owner know in case it needed help. As I stepped on their walk I hit a patch of ice and came down like a ton of bricks. I scraped my palm and it started to bleed. Seeing as how I just finished PT for a back injury this was the LAST thing I needed. So, here I stand, on a strangers porch in sweats, pink boots, wet hair and a bleeding hand only to find out the damn cat wasn’t even theirs; it is a feral cat that roams their yard. This confounded beast was so agile that as we stood on the porch talking it slithered down and ran off faster than a squirrel. I wanted to scream! Next time I see a cat in a tree I am going to pull over, get out and point and laugh…point and laugh…point and laugh. As if it wasn’t weird enough, the cold air froze the blood on my hand. I am such a loser!

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