So Little Time

I am thrilled that I can post to Blogger and Facebook from my mobile. There is just way too little time in a day, ya know? Sometimes I like to spend my free time sitting and watching the birds, or playing a game of solitaire but before I know it I am called back to the grind. Too often I look up from my desk to realize I am already 20 minutes into my lunch hour! None the less, I lace up my sneakers and go out for a walk even if it is for 10 or 15 minutes. I have ‘graduated’ from physical therapy and hope the aches and pains keep the hell away from me for the time being. Fortunately, the weather can only improve and that means more time outside.

I have finished Volume 17 of Eyeshield 21, but I am going to hold off on starting v 18 because it is hard to put them down once I start! I wold love to knit right now, but to be honest with you, I am so damn tired that the thought of thinking beyond this post is too much! Maybe I will play a little Zelda on the DS. Hopefully I won’t drool if I nod off!

Sweet dreams…

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