Baseball vs. Knitting

Hey, it is baseball season once again. I love knitting during games-Ben’s little league games, games on television and, my personal favorite, while listening to the game on the radio. I don’t know about other knitters, but I actually listen better while I am knitting. Weird, huh? Like many knitters, I have the gigantic bag with all kinds of ‘stuff’ in it at the ready. Grab and go. I have knitting, reading and gaming at my disposal whenever there is a game. As my husband and I were waiting for my son’s first game to begin, I pulled out my latest project and began to knit. At that moment, the coach approached me and asked if I would keep pitch count. Last year I kept the book and the pitch count. I must have done a decent job, or just appeared like someone who cannot say ‘no’ because now I have that job at each game. For anyone who does not know about Little League pitch counts, regulations state that every pitch thrown by the pitchers must be counted and reconciled with the other team every 1/2 inning. This age group cannot exceed 95 pitches in a game. Needless to say, this job requires constant watching, recording and counting. There are about 5 minutes between innings where there is nothing to do, but other than that you are ‘on the job’. I have not done any knitting at all! None! Zip! The pathetic part is that I still bring my knitting bag and all my goodies to every game; whenever I leave it behind, I find myself with more time on my hands than I know what to do with! At least I can still knit during the Mets games.

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