I’m Dyin’ Here

So, we were in Mystic Sunday and Monday (Columbus Day).I found this yarn shop in a directory and just had to go! Can you guess my reaction when I read the sign on the door that said ‘Closed Sundays and Holidays’??? Here are some photos of my experience. Don’t you see the bars keeping me from getting into this shop? Can’t you feel my angst? Can you say ‘homicidal, boys and girls?’ Oh, somebody shoot me-or pour me a shot ’cause I think I’m-a gonna die!

From Cosmicknitter

Why I love Ravelry

Simply put, I love Ravelry because they refer to projects as WIPs – work in progress. Until I met Ravelry, these were always UFOs – unfinished objects. WIP = earnest knitter, slow but by all means steady, a real trooper. UFO = freak of nature, lazy knitter and all around ‘I am a loser’ vibe. WIPs tell the world that we are ambitious multi-tasking people who won’t settle for just one project! NO, bring ’em on…I can take it. UFOs conjure up images of ADD and fickle-pickles. Even when it comes to me, I am definitely a WIP (contrary to public opinion)!

Groovy Baby

The origin of this post was actually to test ‘blogging’ from my cell phone. I guess it worked since my irrelevant title made it to the page. Cool.
As shocking as this sounds, I managed to make 2 entries in a row. Way! It is a beautiful day here in Rhinebeck, so I came home and did a little yard work. Let’s see, I killed the grubs, but fed the grass; I killed the moss, but fed the rhodos and azaleas. The weeds…they don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell! What I love is knowing that I did my work so now I can play ; D
I am sure most of you are familiar with Ravelry. I joined a few group that share a love of knitting and gaming. How cool is that?!? You have no idea the amount of knittable items from Katamari!
Often the question comes up about how to balance all of our – dare I say – addictions. I gotta tell you, it is tough. I really try to take advantage of things like weather and such. If it is very nice out, I will work outside. If we are watching the Mets on TV, I’ll knit because I can do both at the same time (unless it is during the playoffs and we are BLOWING OUR LEAD!!!) ahem…as I was saying, when I am putzing around the house with laundry, gaming is easy to pick up and put down without losing your place. I would say the one hazard with that is when little paws (read: sons) pick up the controller when I am at the laundry room and take on the boss I have been waiting for since I started the game! NOOOOOO! Well, it is hard to find the balance. Try as I might it still sometimes becomes a little lopsided. None the less, I do think it all comes out in the wash since by some miracle we manage to do it all. Don’t we?
Happy Spring, and for all you good people going to the MD Sheep and Wool Festival, SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP!
May the Force be with you.

Baseball vs. Knitting

Hey, it is baseball season once again. I love knitting during games-Ben’s little league games, games on television and, my personal favorite, while listening to the game on the radio. I don’t know about other knitters, but I actually listen better while I am knitting. Weird, huh? Like many knitters, I have the gigantic bag with all kinds of ‘stuff’ in it at the ready. Grab and go. I have knitting, reading and gaming at my disposal whenever there is a game. As my husband and I were waiting for my son’s first game to begin, I pulled out my latest project and began to knit. At that moment, the coach approached me and asked if I would keep pitch count. Last year I kept the book and the pitch count. I must have done a decent job, or just appeared like someone who cannot say ‘no’ because now I have that job at each game. For anyone who does not know about Little League pitch counts, regulations state that every pitch thrown by the pitchers must be counted and reconciled with the other team every 1/2 inning. This age group cannot exceed 95 pitches in a game. Needless to say, this job requires constant watching, recording and counting. There are about 5 minutes between innings where there is nothing to do, but other than that you are ‘on the job’. I have not done any knitting at all! None! Zip! The pathetic part is that I still bring my knitting bag and all my goodies to every game; whenever I leave it behind, I find myself with more time on my hands than I know what to do with! At least I can still knit during the Mets games.

I am so happy

I am so happy. Not only is it spring, but I am coming out of a unproductive funk only to discover Ravelry! This is such a COOL site. It combines all the good stuff in one spot. You can hang with other knitters, keep a virtual portfolio of your projects, inventory your needles and stash and other very groovy things. I am in the R&D stage of my notebook and have not added any photos to make it interesting. I found some ‘friends’ and love peeking into their stash. Ohh, I am so excited. I just hope I don’t bore people. Let me know if I do, really, I can spice it up a bit.