The Eagle Has Landed

Well, not exactly. While I am, at times, a space cadet and my blogger name is Cosmicknitter, I am not going to write about the lunar landing.

Some of my favorite things in the whole wide world are birds of prey. Hawks, owls and eagles. When I see a hawk soaring, it stops me in my tracks. I have been known to hear a call from inside the house and run out to see a red-tailed hawk blast forth from a tree. They are wonderful. I have always loved the Bald Eagle best. For most of my life the only time I saw one was in captivity at a local raptor center. The bird was in captivity, not me. Recently, having some time on my hands, I took a drive to the Rhinecliff Landing. This is a little park and boat launch on the Hudson River about two miles from my home. Instantly upon parking, I spied two mature bald eagles soaring over the river-“catching a thermal” as my daddy would say. They were magnificent, breathtaking and beautiful. I opened the sun roof of my car as they passed overhead. I could see their eyes and make out their feathers. I felt so much joy I wanted to cry! Eagles are making a comeback in my area. They used to be more common, but their numbers dwindled. One of the challenges in preserving our eagle population is protecting them from the Amtrak and Metro-North trains that run on the east side of the Hudson and the cargo trains that run on the west. You can read more about the Bald Eagles of the Hudson River here: Next time you are in New York, pack your binoculars (which every self-respecting knitter has in her project bag…) and prepare to be amazed!

If you follow this link, you can subscribe to Eagle Cams. One lovely couple is nesting on two eggs! Just the other day, I watched as mama fought off an intruder.

When my boys were small, and I was a young inexperienced mother, I learned that fair does not mean equal. What if my youngest cried “that’s not fair” when his older brother stayed up later than he did, should I have kept him up later because they needed to be equal because fair=equal? Absolutely not. Even if they were closer in age, one needed much more sleep than the other. Fair does not mean equal.

On that note, here is my soap box. Can we please stop electing public officials who believe that the designation of bathrooms is a burning issue of national importance that has to be addressed in the first week of office? Give me a h*cking break.

Wanna see something pretty?

This is a pottery bowl made for me by a wonderful young lady named Margaret. She knows how much I love dragonflies. I wish the photo were better; the colors are so beautiful and the glaze gives it such a striking finish. Margaret, her work (and cute puppy) can be found on Instagram: @wild_design and Etsy: WildDesignNY

Check her out and give her some love!!

Wanna see something else that’s pretty? My virtual friend Katinka has a beautiful blog, YouTube and Instagram presence that focuses on slow living and sustainability. She has recently been discouraged by the negativity on social media and thought of putting more emphasis on her blog and YouTube accounts. Katinka is a talented creator and her content is calming, and so good for the soul. Please pay her a visit if you are weary, or looking to find a quiet corner of the internet that is free from the ills of society. Let’s support one another in our struggle to find a gentler place to reside. Katinka Ponders

No knitting content today. Still plugging away at my honey’s blanket. I will need to order more yarn, which will allow me time to squeeze in another quickie!!

In my glass: Green smoothy (if I add bourbon is it still good for me?)

In my ears: I Thought I Knew How: A Podcast about Knitting and Life you can also find it on your favorite podcatcher.

Saint of the Day: St. Angela Merici, +1540. My husband told me about her this morning. She is a Third Order Franciscan! St. Angela, at the age of 57 (two years older than I am) organized a group of 12 girls to help her in catechetical work. Four years later the group had increased to 28. She formed them into the Company of Saint Ursula (patroness of medieval universities and venerated as a leader of women) for the purpose of re-Christianizing family life through solid Christian education of future wives and mothers. My husband knew I would love this Saint because he understands how much I value individuals who respect our girls and devote their lives to educating and forming young ladies in body, mind and soul.

:deep sigh:

Thank you for hanging out with me. I hope you are taking time in your day to nurture your bodies, minds and souls, too!

So much love to you all and prayers for peace in your day.



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