Life is Beautiful

Some of the best dreams are the ones where I can fly. Not just fly, but SOAR. Little effort is needed for me to rise above everything. I don’t take on a Superman pose, with my arms in front of me rather, my arms are to my side. Every so often I have to move my arms to give me height or speed, but for the most part I am soaring. It is so calming and peaceful. What a wonderful experience. I don’t know if any of you have had similar dreams. If you have, please take a moment to share them with me.

Some of the best foods are the ones that look like crap. There are a few things that I never buy because I don’t know moderation when eating them; liverwurst and German bologna, to name a few. Pickles are another favorite; not just any pickle, but a garlic dill eaten out of the jar. I recently walked into the kitchen to find my son eating pickles out of the jar. I have raised him well.

Making progress on the knitting front. I am down to the last ball of yarn for my husband’s blanket. He should have plenty of winter to enjoy it. Come to think of it, he will enjoy it in the summer if the air conditioning is too chilly for his legs.

I inherited a sweater quantity of yarn from a friend. 16 skeins (about 1500 yds) of Classic Elite Believe, a cotton/rayon. The photo is washed out. The yarn is black. I need a pattern that will be easy to navigate so I won’t have difficulty reading the fabric. I have a few in mind.

Emma’s Caponcho

This begins as a cowl then grows into a cape/poncho thanks to the addition of increases down the sides. Don’t you think it would be nice in a drapey cotton? I am hoping the yarn fades a bit with washing. The plain stockinette would be ideal for embroidery. Thoughts?

Easy to knit in stockinette.

Top Down Poncho

As you can see, I am drawn to a cape or poncho for this yarn. I think it would make a great layering piece over jeans or a dress. I would hold the yarn double for this one. Not sure about the buttons. I have visions of them constantly coming undone. Don’t tease me.

I did a bad, bad thing. I clipped Razz’s nails last night. You know where I am going with this, don’t you? I snipped one nail too close to the quick. I KNOW!! My little boy squeaked in pain. He is fine, I am scarred.

For Christmas, I received a gift certificate for Harney & Sons Tea. I had a field day filling my cart. Formosa Oolong, Darjeeling, and Irish Breakfast. All loose tea. While cleaning out the storage closet recently I found a tea pot that my sister passed on to me. I cleaned it up and had fun filling it with my new tea. I learned a lot about this pot. It is heat resistant and can sit directly on the burner. I trust this to be true and have no intention of testing the claim.

In my glass: Peppoli Chianti Classico in a Pittsburgh Steelers glass. Salute!

In my ears: 9-1-1 Calls Podcast with the Operator. OMG! I love this podcast. Don’t worry, they always follow up the 911 calls with a happy ending!

Saint of the Day: St. Agnes. This is one heck of a story. Legend has it that Agnes was a beautiful girl of 12 or 13 yrs whom many young men wanted to marry. Among those she refused, one reported her to the authorities for being a Christian. She was arrested and confined to a house of prostitution. The legend continues that a man who looked upon her lustfully lost his sight and had it restored by her prayer. Agnes was condemned, executed, and buried near Rome in a catacomb that eventually was named after her. The daughter of Constantine built a basilica in her honor. What a horrible experience, but let’s hear it for our girls. Any surprise Agnes is the patron saint of girls and girl scouts?

As always, thank you for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger…drop me a line and tell me how you are!

Have a blessed day and hug a puppy!

I’m going to leave you with the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding.

Keb’ Mo’-Life is Beautiful

This is for Robert.

Love and peace to you all.


37 Replies to “Life is Beautiful”

  1. Oh, I love the top down poncho! That looks so lovely and soft. I am currently besotted by Emma Mitchell’s fennel cowl (good pic here: – just finished one, working on another…

    I’ve always wanted to have a flying dream. But I have had a similar sensation in dreams where I am standing by a wild ocean. It’s always the same place – v. reminiscent of places I have loved in Ireland – and I always wake up buoyed. Isn’t it just the nicest feeling?

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    1. Dreams where I feel a part of nature always give me such a peaceful feeling. It seems natural and instinctive. Often times, people who are/were very special to me appear in my flying dreams. I just love them. I might have one each year-maybe two.


  2. A cowl / poncho with both knitting and embroidery in it sounds wonderful! I’ve always wanted to knit a poncho just because I’ve never knit one before, but it’s a bit much for our winters. No matter which one you choose, I’ll be looking forard to your updates. And all that tea – hope you enjoy it for a long time! The teapot is beautiful – I’d be hesitant to test the teapot on the burner too. 🙂

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    1. As a young mother, I made the mistake of placing a glass pie dish on a hot burner (it was off, but still hot). I turned my back and the darn thing exploded into a dozen razor sharp projectiles. I have a healthy fear of glass on heat.


  3. I use to have flying dreams about 35 years ago. I can still feel the sensation. It was an extremely stressful time of my life so it was definitely an escapism thing. I can see that the dreams really helped balance my life. They were wonderful .

    Both ponchos are lovely. Dorset buttons would be far less likely to come undone.

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  4. I also dream I can fly. It’s very useful to get out of difficult situations. I can watch all the activity on the ground and just fly away. It’s great!

    Currently slow-knitting a jumper for hubby, pics on my blog when it’s finally done. It’ll take a while but that’s ok.

    Hubby is also into loose tea and has just, as I type this, received a parcel of goodies from his latest find, including infuser, tea caddy, and of course, loose leaf tea.

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  5. I really enjoyed reading your post. Hope Razz has forgiven you? I’m sure he has, extra treats always work😂 I like the look of the top down poncho, very classy! And thank you for sharing the story of St Agnes, I used to be a girl guide so presume she would have kept an eye on us as well 😊

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  6. Beautiful yarn and knitting. I finally finished a major scarf for my grandaughter’s birthday. It was a pain as the directions were way off. finally did my own way and hallelujah finished. I will post a photo when I give it to her as it it hard to photograph without a person.

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  7. The Capancho + embroidery would be striking, especially knit up in that colorway! If you decide to do that project, then I can’t wait to see it.

    Oh no, poor you and Razz! That sounds stressful. I am not brave enough to try to clip Apollo’s nails. He barely lets the vet assistant clip his :p

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    1. You will LOVE it! The hosts are funny and smart and in spite of the heaviness of some calls, they always end with a positive note (often involving amazing children) Let me know how you like it.


  8. I am an expert dream flyer too. I sit as if in a small cart and simply lean to the left and right as I scoot along just above the ground. It’s great fun, I can recommend it.

    I am sure Razz has recovered but perhaps you not so much? I did the same thing with my daughter when she was only a week or so old and can still remember the trauma and the guilt. Years later, I trapped her sister’s hand in the boot of the car and was utterly inconsolable. She was fine and ended up comforting me. 🙂

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    1. Your flying dream conjures up images of Mario Cart!! I can’t help by smile!! Razz has fully recovered, but yes, I torture myself without mercy. I had a friend who was so traumatized after snipping her newborns nails to close, that she took to nibbling them off. The things we do for love!


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