“Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts” ― Jim Morrison

Oh if only that were true!  But it is not.  I make plenty of mistakes and many of them involve yarn and needles.  Nonetheless, I am grateful for the experience and nothing keeps me humble like unraveling 50 rows of color work.  I have shared photos of the socks I am making for my son; no need to revisit the scene of the crime.  I am now entering version 3.0.  I really don’t mind because I went into the project knowing that there would be a HUGE learning curve.  I love patterns.  I love well written patterns.  I love following well written patterns.  I am not a modifier by nature. I have never modified a pattern to this degree.  Fortunately, it is springtime in New York, and I have time to tinker with this endeavor before they will be worn.

The cuff was ok.  It was downhill from there.

I don’t necessarily consider this next experience a mistake rather, a lesson in common sense knitting.  I am making the Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart.  This is a great pattern!  (thank you, Helen!)  I had the presence of mind to utilize life lines in this pattern (for the first time in my life)  What I failed to do was track what rows contained a life line.  Fortunately, Helen uses a chart which makes it easy to count stitches on the needles to determine the row you are knitting.  Now I place a line every 25 rows.

Have you used life lines before?  I would love to hear how you apply them in your work.

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