Needing some advice

I have been working on a pair of socks for my son.  I am taking an existing pattern and modifying it quite a bit.  I never do this.  I have the utmost respect for the talented people who can write a good pattern.  In the case of these socks, I am using the design on a ladies knee-hi and incorporating it into a crew sock.  The pattern is for Hufflepuff Socks.  I intended to use Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator Sock pattern and knit the Hufflepuff mascot (the badger) on the side of the leg.  Easy peasy, right?  Not exactly.  Here are the problems I encountered:

I have never done stranded knitting on socks.

I have never modified a pattern to this degree

I have never been without the presence of mind enough to know black US 1 dpn and black yarn is a recipe for disaster (or at least a recipe for recreational drinking during the day)

Dear Lord, help me.

Here is a photo:

Hufflepuff sock I am not doing this to torture you, but to get some honest feedback.  I really want to rip them out and start over.  I don’t like the way they look.  I don’t like the way the black fuzz peeks through to to the public side.  I’m just not happy.

I am at the heel, and plan on knitting a solid black heel and toe.  If I do start over, I have two options.  1.  knit a solid yellow sock and create the badger with duplicate stitches or 2.  use long circulars instead of dpns in the hope that the color work is a bit more tidy.  What should I do?  My friend suggested finishing the sock as planned, blocking it and making my decision then.  I have enough yarn that I could easily knit another pair if I don’t like the way it looks.

Am I over thinking this?  I have to make a decision soon, because my other son is expecting a pair of Slytherin socks next!

One thought on “Needing some advice

  1. If your colorwork is pulling in (more than can be blocked away )compared to the yellow plain part I’d rip it out. Having recently done a stocking that frustrated me to no end because of the same thing I’d say stick with the project but maybe consider duplicate stitch. The stocking I did I mixed color work and duplicate stitch and in the end it looked great. Good luck!


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