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While you were away, I wrote this…

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A Blast From the Past

Typing Out Loud

Given the fact that I am knocking things off my ‘first’ list left and right, I best take a moment to work on round two. This might go faster if I put things in 3 categories: 
1. do-able
2. gimme a minute
3. oh shit (my personal favorite)
go to another Mets game
go fishing
take a real knitting class
lose 5 lbs
get better at keeping score during a ballgame
Gimme a minute
go to a REAL sports bar in NYC maybe (y’know, a place where having a beer while watching baseball is required, not rude)
stay overnight after the game and sports bar…naughty!
join a gym (that feels weird just typing it; may have to reconsider)
go to another Mets game alone (not sure if that belongs in the oh shit category…thinking…)
take an overnight trip somewhere near the water
take a course in HTML
build my own computer
get my gamerscore over 1000

Oh Shit
get tickets to sit in that fancy place at Citi field where you can sip wine and still see the game Not my style, sorry
fly to Port St. Lucie for Spring Training (breathe….)
fly to Port St. Lucie for Spring Training (keep breathing…)
go on a date (ha!) If you can read this, you have wasted way too much time on this post.  You have my sympathies!

Fortunately, I can tic off one of my do-able items tomorrow. Thanks to a student at work, I will be heading down to Citi for one last game! Lets go Mets!!

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