It is July, and the living is easy.
I walked to work today; cars are a necessary evil. Ironically, whenever I walk along this very short stretch of Rte. 9 (one of the main roads in Dutchess Co.), I encounter a white truck. It is never the same truck, but it is white none the less. I am not referring to a pick-up; these are large garbage trucks, fuel trucks or the occasional 18-wheeler. It is all very strange. There is a bend in the road and I always have an ‘oh s**t’ moment as they come toward me. How telling is this? What I mean is, drivers are no longer accustomed to anticipating walkers on the roadways. Freaky man. With the cost of fuel going through the stratosphere, you would think people would be trolling all over the place going from here to there and everywhere. I am fortunate to be able to walk to work, town or church. I used to get offers for rides from people I know; not so much anymore. I walk in the heat of summer – or should I say stroll – and the bitter winter. My favorite is walking in the rain. There is something so very cozy about snuggling under an umbrella. Of course I return with soggy sneakers and half the make-up I started with, but it is so much fun. In the winter, naturally there is wool on every exposed part. I don’t even feel the snow or rain. Love it! Speaking of weather, we are expecting some rockin’ storms through the weekend. I don’t mind; they are one of my most favorite things of summer.
On another note…my family and I are heading up to Albany for the next week; my son is having surgery. I will be packing the knitting (naturally), the DS or GBA (naturally), a book and gum. The Rosary Beads go without saying! Up until this point we, collectively, had so much anxiety we could barely stand it. Now that it is upon us, we all feel excitement. This is an elective reconstructive surgery, but the outcome for my son will be profound. The operation itself has a very high success rate (100% for our surgeon). Anyhoo, I wanted to buy an Asus eee with part of our govt. incentive check, but that is not going to happen in time. I thought it would be cool to Skype and send photos to the family. Fortunately, we live about 1 1/2 hours from Albany and they can visit whenever they want.
Have I been knitting, you ask? Of course not. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I knit I am in my head. I get into the groove of the pattern and my thoughts begin to wander. Until this surgery is over and out of mind, I will not be able to concentrate. Until then, I have been playing video games. What a great diversion. I received Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS from my boys for my birthday. That game is GREAT. I am also leveling up my party on Pokemon. I have one more trainer to beat, my nemesis ‘Red’. My party are all in the 50s, but his are in the 80s. I’ll just wander around the tall grass and revisit the Pokemon League for a while. There are some high level Pokemon to battle and I should level up relatively soon. Most people find this part of the game tedious but it is a great time killer.
Enough babbling…
Happy 4th of July!

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