So, this weekend my son had a ballgame. The sun was in and out all day, and the temp was just right for spring. The location of the game was changed (unbeknown to me) so we arrived at the field just before game time. Since we just a tad bit late, the coach already found someone to keep pitch count. This translated in to carefree knitting and gaming time for me. I was sitting in a folding chair that was generously provided to me by the mother of one of the players. La la la la la…I am happily knitting along. Don’t ask me what possessed me to put the knitting away, but I did. A moment later, I moved my chair a bit to take advantage of the sun. As I did, a stream of rust and water came pouring out of the chair frame. It went down the leg of my jeans and into my shoe on the side I keep my knitting!!! OMG! What would I have done (besides scream bloody murder, of course!)!?! Ya know, that was too close for comfort. In a blink of an eye, I could have had my beautiful wool doused with rust water. I treated my jeans as soon as I arrived home and washed them shortly after. I do not have to tell you the stain did not come out at all. I will find use for the jeans when working in the yard, but the thought of ruining that wool just freaks me right out! Has anyone else h

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