Isn’t this a pretty color font? It reminds me of the crab apple blossoms on this tree outside my building. So I’ve been knitting a little, gaming a little and what not. I have my eye on this sweet little computer-Asus eee. It is green (light spring green) and it weighs about 2#. It will fit in my tote (along with the knitting, GBA and other necessities!) I am thinking it would be ideal for the week my son will be in the hospital. I can install-if it is not built in-my web-cam and do some ‘Skype-ing’ while we are away.

I am always fascinated when I see knitted items on blogs or Ravelry that people have designed themselves. I think that is a real talent. (ooohhh! The second grade class just walked by my office; they are returning from the library-I love the library). Speaking of library, I have a way overdue book and one on hold for me. Sometimes I find the simplest of tasks so hard to do. It is due to nothing other than laziness, really. Both the bank and library are within walking distance but it takes me forever to motivate myself to go there. Just drop it in the box, just drop it in the box…how difficult is that?

So I snapped a few shots of the early stages of my husband’s vest. You can sorta see how the pattern is going to look like. I only have a camera phone at this time so the details are not visible. The background is Reverse Stocking Stitch and the rib is done with a twisted knit. When knitting the reverse side, those twisted knit stitches are worked as twisted purl. I had not done a twisted purl on a twisted knit before. I found myself with YOs because I was throwing my thread too soon and not purling into the back of the stitch (it just seemed too far back). Once I figured it out I was good to go. If I can find a reasonably priced digital camera I can take/post better pics but until then…bear with me.

The weather is gorgeous! It will be a yard work, knit kinda day. I will save my gaming for the evening. It is a tough job but…

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